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I have terrible motion sickness playing FPS or watching people play FPS and I find that when I am playing I have to lower the look sensitivity really down. I usually also take my time moving slowly and looking around slowly. If I try and rush things it's when the motion sickness starts kicking in for me. Also, games that aren't FPS but have a lot of motion in it makes me feel sick, like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Because as I'm paying attention to the nodes I have to hit, like when I'm holding a node for a note in a song, but the background is moving (Here's an example I find that I am unable to focus on one thing and I feel barfy. All I can do is just either avoid playing those types of games or taking breaks every so often.

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It's gonna be called Another Disappointment. Its about a game that starts off really well with a ton of fanfare then it teeters off midway and disappoints you. :(

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@sgreviewryan: It was this

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@dark_lord_spam: I heard he's doing well for himself now. :) Seems like an upstanding dude!

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@faythdream10 Apparently during his time in stasis in his Avatar State, that drained a lot of his life energy. Saw it here:

Also, messing with Spirit stuff is never a good idea. Varrick's real dumb to do it.

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I was a sophomore in high school in my Economics class in Portland. My teacher just flat out told us what had happened with the first tower. He then wheeled in the TV and we sat there watching, we all watched the second tower get hit and then we were told that school would be closed for the day. They were afraid that the Seattle Space Needle would be a target (Since it's so close by) so the entire city was in a panic. The rest of the day was spent watching news and kind of in a blur.

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Interchangable covers! :3 I'm imagining all the cute ways I can mix and match my 3DS!

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Tales of Xillia - I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it so I'll just say that ALVIN FUCKING SUCKS!

Bravely Default - Most of the game was so good! Then the ending completely ruined it for me. I didn't even bother finishing it.

Fire Emblem: Awakening - I beat the game but it felt real lackluster by the end. Did not like the kids suddenly coming into the game and being already really strong and formidable. Having played all the previous Fire Emblems, I found this one to be the least challenging. And all the parents didn't matter once the kids came in.

Dead Island - I liked the game but it was so broken. I played it co-op with my husband and the further we got into the game, the more it would freeze on us. Got to the point where it was just unplayable.

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I just watched Bloodsport after having last seen it on TV over 10 years ago and I still think its amazing. I didn't expect all the cursing and seeing Van Damme's butt though. :( And the music is still awesome!

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Aw yeah!

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