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So, I remember watching a video about it a while ago and I REEEAAALLLLY wanted it. I bookmarked the video and forgot about it. FLASH FORWARD TO NOW! I have a new PC and I didn't import my bookmarks.

The indie game was centered on like three or four kids going trick or treating, and I remember one of them was a cardboard robot or knight. It was really cute and it was centered on getting as many lollies as you could find, and some houses had monsters in them that you had to defeat somehow. I also remember it was bird's eye view... and one of your friends goes missing. It's so vague, I apologise. I think there was a quick look on it, but I can't find it. It might have been 2010, but my search went nowhere in that department.

I've tried so hard to find it on Steam and google but I don't think I would be able to without the actual name. If anyone could help, it would be mightily appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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It took me ages to figure out 6 and 7 from Bad Seeds. I wasn't thinking outside the box enough.

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The only issues I had were finding the right companions and two locations. >.< I am a Fallout fan, so this was kinda embarassing... 
edit: Done! Didn't take long. One of the easiest quests i've had.

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@chu52 said:
" @Pie said:

" Her Husband works on the game and apparently they used her as a model for the main character in this. I thnk she might be the voice actress too.  That's it really Anybody else know any videogame characters?  "

WHAT THE FUCK IS HER ACCENT THEN? Scottish? Irish? British? Just Cause 2ian?   Also I am from Russian Mars "
It's obviously an American trying to imitate a Scottish. You are a doofus if you can't work that one out yourself.
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That's awesome. It's always good to have a famous person to know. Makes you feel speeeshal :) 

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@Wrighteous86 said:
" Since none of the DLC correctly transferred the choices of my (unavailable) Warden, I doubt the sequel will pull my choices correctly. "
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Prepare for a flood of GB achievements coming your way! :)

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I have this, too. I just got used to it, really. *shrug* PM a mod, I guess.

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Sounds like a java cock up. Might need to reinstall some stuffs.