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@rvone said:

@seppli said:

I am not a gamer, I am a games enthusiast. So there.

I'd like to think of us as connoisseurs.

We would also have accepted aficionados.

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As someone who plays a lot of games, doesn't care about sports, and doesn't care about cable TV, I'm not seeing a lot of draw here. Given the US-centric nature of these features, are they ceding the international audience to the other consoles? That seems like a mistake.

But perhaps they are targeting a difference audience that I am not simply a part of, and that's ok.

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I also fail to comprehend why people would care what the PS4 looks like. Are they going to not purchase it solely on the grounds that it does not fit with their decor? That's called missing the god damn point.

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They had me with Overstrike.

They lost me with Fuse.

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@FierceDeity said:

No, marketing and advertisement are simply a means of disseminating information. Surely people are not so weak willed as to have their opinions, their very thoughts, shaped by such messages?

Disseminating image, not information. Marketing has lied to me plenty of times, I just happen to usually ignore it.

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Trying to express any sort of nuanced opinion on the subject matter in this trainwreck appears to be a lost cause.

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Every time this comes up, it just makes me want more No One Lives Forever. Cate Archer was memorable. Faith... not so much.

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People are comparing Minecraft with Trials? On a related note I'd like to know how Civ 5 stacks up against Twisted Metal, because I'm just that kind of stupid...

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As long as GB continues to provide value and has directive independence, I'm happy. The day they don't, I'm not. So I'm not concerning myself over much with preemptive "rabble rabble apocalypse!", and I'd encourage others to do the same. Wait and see won't kill you. Simultaneously I'd encourage the GB crew to maintain that sacred editorial pact with the user base we have come to expect, as abandoning it could turn catastrophic real quick.

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