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I was just watching vinnys run in load our last souls and wtf is he doing so much damage :(, no wonder I have such a hard time...I wonder if i kinda fucked up the whole game...I mean I could just farm so much to increase my stats for weapon scaling but that would take soo long.

two choices, get the Very Large Ember from the ghost place and upgrade your weapon to +15, and increase your dexterity or strength to 40 depending on which your weapon scales best for. This is what Vinny did and is the absolute best way to maximize your damage, you can also buff a +15 weapon to do even more damage.

OR create an elemental weapon. Upgrade your +10 weapon into a +5 Lightning or +5 Fire weapon and it will do more damage than a normal +10 weapon. It doesn't scale with stats well (you can have minimum str and dex) and is the slightly worse route to go down but you will easily have enough damage to beat the game. Personally I would do this in your situation.

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Be aware rorie, Jeff hates dark souls. Jeff hates dota. Daily dota AND daily dark souls? Jeff mad.

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He did not finish the game. If he did it would've been his #1 GOTY.

You don't need to finish that game to figure out if they will like it or not.

Nope, it's very easy for people to quit the game when they get frustrated and then be soured on the entire experience. The act of quitting a game like that subconsciously rapes your ego whether you like it or not. "Taking a break" is suicide for such a game.

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He did not finish the game. If he did it would've been his #1 GOTY.

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I do this all the time. Bombcast and 8-4 play are my podcasts of choice.

Trackmania 2
Spelunky. Beat it after 350 deaths, unlocked all shortcuts.
FLaiL (becomes impossibly difficult, fuck this game)
Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus. Never finished them as a kid, until now thanks to podcasts.
Portal 2 community maps.
Rock of Ages.
Diablo III.

A few of these are worth playing through once with sound of course.

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Vinny beat Demon's Souls and was competent enough to complete and enjoy Dark Souls, so I vote Vinny.

But Vinny actually never finished Dark Souls.

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so i loose 20hrs of gameplay... great

Overstatement of the century. Those 20 hours are in your character level and you'll have BETTER equipment than your previous equipment in a few levels.

It's actually a criticism of this game I have, that you swap equipment so often that you rarely get attached to it.

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Have you tried running? Even if it's a tight corridor there are many things you can do to get past.

Maybe you should learn to accept that you should not be fighting every enemy and to only level on the ones you can kill.

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what's this?

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Poser. I played Elasto Mania waaay before that.

Me too! Elasto Mania (2000) came before Trials 1 (which was 2003 I believe), I played it 10 years ago.

Bike games before Elasto Mania had no physics.