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#1 Posted by Lukas (96 posts) -

I'd suggest Rock n Roll, the first game I ever played. It has a fantastic soundtrack.

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#2 Posted by Lukas (96 posts) -

I just find it a bit baffling that ACU is getting raked over the coals for technical issues, while Dragon Age: Inquisition is reviewing so well. I'm enjoying both games, but DAI's frame rate is dipping into single digits at some points on PS4, and there's several issues with on screen artifacts, especially regarding the HUD and loading icon.

Word. My driver (latest) stopped working while playing DA:I, the performance isn't that great considering that I have a pretty good PC and the that the game doesn't look as good as other games which run way smoother. I had texture issues (although just minor) and I had several issues in the process of installing the game and setting up the keep - those issues weren't technical but stemmed from the clunky Origin interface and the way that savegame imports work. That said, I do enjoy the game a lot. I will until Christmas before getting AC:U, so I guess I will be out of the immediate post launch debacle.

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As usual I will buy the game once I can get a PC key for around 20€ which should be early next year.

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A new No One Lives Forever game would be awesome. Somehow I almost forgot about this game even though I had so much fun with it when it was released (fuck the shitty PS2 version though)

The coop in NOLF 2 was also pretty amazing. I think it would be an enjoyable game on PC and console alike with a setting which still hasn't been used too much.

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Fable, Black and White

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First time I'm creating a Givaway. Hope this all works.


Ends 12pm CET Friday 23rd

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Believe it or not, they are sisters. Happy Anniversary!

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Last of Us. I stopped about 3 hours into it because the combat was unbearable. Story and characters were amazing though. I also played it on normal

And I thought I was the only one who didn't enjoy it. Story and characters seemed alright, but the sneeking/combat part of the game felt like something that has been done before a million times, just weaker. So that game is also my latest let-down.

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Okay so the way I see it there's only one scenario where any good can come out of this.

If Facebook handles Oculus VR the same way Google handles it's side projects. Meaning leaving them alone letting them build their thing just supplying them with money and resources.

I believe Facebook has value to gain by integrating Oculus technology into it's core product. Think of that Rift app that allows you to watch a movie in a virtual movie theatre. Now add voice chat with your facebook friends to sit next to you in that virtual theatre. Might be cool. Might be. And I'm sure there's tons more and better ideas of integrating social and VR.

On the other hand I don't think Oculus has anything to gain by integrating any part of Facebook into it's core product. To me the Rift so far was a device primarily for hardcore PC gamers who are willing to invest into an expensive graphics card to render the complex VR environment in full detail. I was already bewildered when Carmack announced they think about integrating what's essentially an Android phone into the Rift. Than again what do I know. The man is a genius and by the time the Rift comes out there's probably 12 core smartphones.

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@gunslingerpanda said:

@lukas said:

From neogaf:

Originally Posted by Zombie James

So Ken Levine wants to work on a new game with a smaller team, so the solution is to shut the company down and fire all but 15 people?

No, Take-Two told him he couldn't keep the studio going as is and offered him this as the only option to keep anyone on board, but obviously he's not going to say that publicly.

They didn't mention BioShock Infinite in their recent fiscal report. It's pretty obvious it was not up to expectations sales wise and they're unwilling to keep going with Irrational's cost structure and dev lengths.

There's no source for that; it's speculation on the poster's part.

"I am winding down Irrational Games as you know it. I’ll be starting a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two. That is going to mean parting ways with all but about fifteen members of the Irrational team."

This has a source: Ken Levine himself.

I didn't mean to quote it as fact. Just someone's opinion on NeoGAF. One that put some different thought into the whole situation.

I feel like right now everyone is quick to judge Ken Levine and put the entire thing on him. But I'm having a hard time believing Take-Two has no part in this. They are the Publisher after all.

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