Games and Girlfriend

Man, Tuesday... working is going to not be so fun today.

Got to setup a whole new Domain for a Customer.  This includes Active Directory/Group Policies/Roaming Profiles/ect.  This isn't part of my normal job and I always forget exactly how to do this stuff, but always seem to figure-it-out.  I guess that's why I'm Microsoft Certified.

The good news is that hopefully I'll be getting my new Video Card today.  It's nothing special, just a Radeon HD 3850 512MB, but I needed a cheap upgrade so that I can PvP in Warhammer Online just a bit better.  I'm going to overclock it, so it should work-out nicely ;p

Anyway, I can't wait to get off of work.  My girlfriend is coming-over tonight... maybe we can go get the new Final Fantasy IV DS Remake, if someone gets it in stock, and play it together after I install my new Video Card (but I know she really wants to play Order Up! for the Wii, which also comes-out today)?

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Inaugural Blogural

When I woke-up this morning, I sure as hell wasn't expecting Giant Bomb to have launched.  After reading Jeff's Beta Email and then checking back around midnight, last night, before turning into bed... I thought, "Eh, it'll probably launch closer to Friday" as most Companies like to hold things off until that last possible minute.  Jeff did after all say, "Later this week."

Anyway, I really like what the Giant Bomb Staff has done!  After click around and posting a bit, I have to say, "Giant Bomb is the shit"  (I hope I can say that, as the link to the TOS isn't working).  After checking-out ComicVine a bit back, I just knew it would be something special... and it is.  The customizations and community aspects have the potential to really rock the foundations of other video gaming related websites.

I'm definitely considering making this my new home and proud to be a part of the Giant Bomb Community from day 1 :)

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