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I played both Gears of War 1 and 2 this last weekend, on Hardcore, for my first time ever playing a Gears game.

Neither were all that "hard" in Hardcore and Gears 1 was kinda boring... thank god I played Gears 2, as it was way better than part 1 (even though all vehicle sequences weren't very fun to actually play, but seeing some of them from a technical stand-point was cool). I also got over Level 25 in Gears 2 multiplayer, which was good times.

Overall, I think I enjoyed myself, regardless of the flaws. I'm just now booting-up Gears 3 and so far so good @ being the game I probably want to play for a while. 4 player Campaign might be awesome as hell.

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It happened to me too!  I got 1,680 points ($21 worth) this morning and was very confused as to why at first!   
I still have them right at this second... not sure what I should do with them?  

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If these sales numbers are considered good, than that may be a good thing because more games in this "style" (graphics/animation/story) need to be made.    
With that said, I never ever want to actually "play" a game like this ever again.  The gameplay portions in Catherine are not to my liking at all, personally.  Being frustrated constantly playing a game on Normal Difficultly isn't so bad I guess, I kinda liked it at times because challenges are a nice change of pace and all, but the thing that sucked about Catherine (to me) was the gameplay got really boring really fast.  
Catherine needed more to it in my opinion.  Like maybe one or two more types of gameplay elements, completely unrelated to anything to do with puzzles/etc.  
I really hope they've moved-on to working on Persona 5 in this style of graphics/animation/story telling and these sales numbers could mean just that :)  

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@HelliSkelli: The game is easily beatable within 5 hours if you use a guide... which I actually posted on another certain Achievement hunting web site :)   
If you're going to go for all the Achievements, you would probably clock-in about 10 - 15 hours.  The variable is because of Lantern Run (Multiplayer Mode), which is very luck dependent with the layouts.  
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@MyaSharona said:
Did you try lantern run extensively?  Because there aren't a lot of people playing it just yet I haven't given that much of a spin.  I am curious about just how crazy it might get with 4 players.
Yes!  I dedicated a paragraph to Lantern Run, in my review.  According to the Leaderboards, my friends and I were the first to ever get over 1 million points.  Currently, I'm sitting there at #1.   
@Yanngc33 said:
@Luke Would you say that the achievements were easy?
I'd say the Achievements are a 4/10 on the difficulty scale and takes somewhere between 10 - 15 hours to get all 200G.   
2 of the Achievements are very luck dependent, I'd say, and also your team's skill (communication abilities) to be able to get out of unlucky situations.  You may just never get bad luck with the layout though and not need to worry  too much about skill :p  
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@MyaSharona said:
Nicely done. I'm about halfway through the game right now and I am enjoying it a lot.  I'm not sure I agree with you 100% about the checkpoints being the reason that some areas are so easy but I'll have to finish before I can fully disagree. =p 
I guess I just like my games really difficult, so that when I finish them I actually feel accomplished.  I don't fault games when they're too easy, as far as the score is concerned, I just point it out that I personally wished that ITSP was more difficult.  The final boss was a push-over for instance.  It should have been more epic and at least hand me my ass like 10 times before I'm allowed to win, but I beat him on my first try.  
Anyway, after I wrote the ITSP review I went ahead and started-up Catherine.  My god!  Now that is one hard game!!!   
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Happy Birthday, Jeff!  

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@alternate said:
Congrats and all but if you get to be in your forties and you are still going on about how you were the first to review and 100% this game  ...  then your life has not gone to plan :D
Lol, Catherine is already making me think about quiting video games all together right now! :p  
I do wonder what life is gunna be like in my forties, hmmm... actually Jeff Gerstmann is gunna be 40 in 4 years, as of today (isn't it his 36th birthday today), right!?  Think about that for second.  
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@spankingaddict said:

Awesome !  You are a special person : )  I'm looking forward to playing it...

Haha, thanks!  It's a cool/fun game, so I hope you enjoy it!   

@pwnage1232 said:

Did you feel that any parts (besides the end, as you mentioned) were overly frustrating?

No, not at all.  The game was a joy to play for me.  Honestly, right when I was feeling the feel of frustration start to occur, while trying to solve a puzzle, I solved it the next second.  The puzzles aren't that hard, but do make you think for a bit.   

Other than that, on the last level and final boss, some people I've talked with have gotten a lot more frustrated than me.  I think the final boss is actually too easy, but others have found him to be hard for some reason.  I guess it just depends on the gamer :)  
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@MagikOvenMit: Oh, lol, that explains it.  Yeah, fully upgraded blaster is all I used against him too.  The last part he rams at you, so using the saw isn't really recommended, because that would be hard to get out of the way.  Maybe the scanner only highlights it because it does the most damage?... but would require an insane amount of skill and concentration to pull off, which isn't worth the effort at all.