Tell me why I SHOULD or SHOULD NOT buy this game - FF XIII Editio

Final Fantasy XIII is on sale at Best Buy for $29.99 (Canadian). I'd probably get it on 360 (I can't say 'No' to points). From what I've heard people complain about the game, it just sounds like Final Fantasy X, which I liked. And I haven't one since X, so I'm kinda in the mood. Or should I just say 'Fuck this new age hippy shit' and play FF VIII?
Should I buy FF XIII?


Have we all accepted we're getting kinda ripped off?

I'm referring to the new alternate costumes. It doesn't bother me that a game developer is trying to earn a few extra bucks by releasing DLC. It just rubs me the wrong way that they advertised the feature in trailers, months before the game's release. Kinda seems like a dirty move. I know Capcom's not the first company to release DLC so quickly that is seems suspicious (Borderlands, every EA game), I'm just bitter than I have to wait till end of July to buy the entire pack. 
And after the whole "RE 5 Versus Mode" fiasco, it's hard not to think they're not on the disc already. The files are only around 130 kb... same as the Versus Mode "DLC". I don't know how big costume files would be... just a conspiracy theory. 


How do you like your 'Open World' games?

I was taking a piss at work and I started thinking... I sort of wish Bethesda made Red Dead Redemption. 
Don't get me wrong, the games looks fantastic and I'm getting it day 1. But I reeeeaaallly loved Oblivion. 
I kind of liked the first person perspective a little more. I find it a little more engaging. Plus, I loved admiring my shiny weapons up close.
Then I couldn't decide if I like first-person or third-person perspective open-world games. Third-person games are a little more vulnerable. You can add so many more mechanics and things to do. With first-person, you have be a little more exploration based maybe? Since it could be harder to implement driving and stuff (No offense Borderlands.)
So how do you guys like your open-world games?


"You're abusing the character."

That's what my friend told me last night after I handed him his ass with Vega. I'm not even a good player. I was just using his moves (Mostly sky high claw and Flying Barcelona attack) and trying to cross up on him. He had no answer for them as El Fuerte. So he decided to blame it on me. I asked him if I'm just not supposed to use half of his move set. He just tripped over his words and said I was abusing the character. Kind of infuriating. 
What do you guys do in that kind of situation? I just laughed. But I didn't play Vega the rest of the night 'cause I didn't want to hear him bitch.


Lost Planet 2, Day 1 price of $40 at Wal-Mart (in Canada)

Wal-Mart has done this before. Those gypsy swines. 
I wasn't even interested in that game all that much. The co-op looks like fun, but none of my friends are getting it for 360. But now I feel even more inclined to get it cause it's so cheap! So now I'll spend all day on the 11th freaking out at work if I can get out in time to get it or find it around here.


Sony and MS might be "winning" E3...

... but Nintendo won the battle.

Both Sony and Microsofts' big announcements were motion sensing add-ons of some sort. But with all this talk of Natal and the new Eye Toy, people seem to forget that Nintendo did this all first.

I'm not a fanboy or anything (I don't even own a Wii), and I hate using the term "win" during this horseshit "Console War", but it seems like Nintendo won by influencing the other consoles to adapt their technology. And it is technology that moves this industry forward, and Nintendo helped advance Sony and MS.

I know Sony had the Eye Toy first, but that only half of what the new one can do. And if they wanted to do Motion stuff first, they would've worked on the new Eye Toy sooner and included in PS3 launch or first year.

Does anyone see where I'm coming from?