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Here's to one of the greatest Bombcasts ever recorded! The first half an hour alone is a conversation for the ages.

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Holy shit. One of the most badass bombcasts.

Posted by Babylonian

Hahaha, it's bizarre to think it's been a year since the dinosaurs v bears v sharks conversation went down. How many hours of my young, potent life have I already thrown away listening to some guys talk about stuff that is occasionally video games?

Posted by Crono11

That one was really good but my favourite will always be March 17, 2009. That's the one where they talk about Cobra and GI Joe. That one never leaves my Zune.

Posted by Zuul

A lot sure has changed on the site since then, wow.

Posted by MachoFantastico

As it really been a year, how time flies. 

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After I heard it the first time, and the one after (which has the frighteningly hilarious conclusion!) I edited both conversations together. If you're interested, I can post a link to that mp3 file. I originally did it to send it to two of my friends but it's still on my computer so...

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Posted by ArchV1le
@Keeng: linkage do it! :P
Posted by nanikore

The Mega64 Bombcast is still the best ever.

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@ArchV1le: So it occurred to me that I've never posted an mp3 online anywhere. I kinda don't know how to do it :(
Posted by mr_shoeless

That was the first bombcast I had ever heard. And the tiger/bear/shark conversation immediately convinced me that I needed to subscribe to that podcast and listen to every episode.