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Don't know if I'm enjoying this neverending loop of whining in comments (not necessarily here) about games being delayed and games being released too early and being shallow or broken. People should be happy the former happens in order to prevent the latter.

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Loving Ludwig's Holy Blade for my STR build.

Still using the Threaded Cane for my Skill character. The scaling options on weapons are pretty pitiful. Not seeing many above a D. I know the scaling improves when upgraded, but when both Strength and Skill are D's at +0, I never know which stat will scale higher when upgraded. Has anyone come accross good Skill scaling weapons?

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I was able to make my old man Hunter look really good. The face wrinkle tech is far superior to Dark Souls 2.

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You don't agree with what someone else says about something? Weird. It's like people have different opinions or something.

Arguing the fact that he isn't speaking to the "hardcore" is a nebulous argument. What is "hardcore"? He's played all the Souls game. Is that not "hardcore" enough? He might not have 400 hours in each game, but he has a job and a wife. Is that his fault? He enjoys the Souls series and takes them seriously when he does play them, is that not "hardcore"?

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Anyone know if the 10% level difference is in effect for matchmaking?

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At a couple points in the fight, he'll drop to his knees and seem to catch his breath. If you run up to his head and press R1 (while not moving maybe?) you'll do a flashy critical hit. Other than that, just keep dodging and only attack when you feel comfortable. No more than 2 hits. Going for a 3rd usually gives him time to wind up an attack and hit you as you're recovering from your 3rd attack.

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I doubt it'll get reviewed. Dark Souls 2 never got reviewed. I'm fine with just listening to opinions on the Podcast.

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The only thing that kind of bothers is usefulness of the Strategems being sold. A turret that flies around and heals you or shoots enemies? Seems pretty useful.

Usually when devs start selling stuff like this in their games, I just think about what I'm missing out. I don't feel like I need to buy it, but it sure would be if I could unlock it or something. It just kind of turns me off of playing the game as a whole.