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Don't be afraid to play with people. Use them as meat shields since you're a range class anyway. If you do play online, always teleport to a ranged class. Hopefully they'll be out of the frey and you won't teleport into a mob and be dead before you load.

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@rotnac said:

$70 for a new game at retail in Canada has been the norm for a really long time, unfortunately.

Keep an eye on They usually have stuff for $59.99 or lower soon after release or even leading up to it. Not to mention games go on sale all the fucking time nowadays.

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No 'Twice - PC and original 360/ PS3' option? I'm offended.

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It's all great! Good on ya, Brad! :D!

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Getting beat is part of the learning process.

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They would if the games were more interesting to me.

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The following system is so awful. You have to crawl through so many menus to even find your followed players.

The way that I do is:

- Go to leaderboards

- Filter to all characters

- Then filter to only show your Followed players

They should all appear there. Then I think you press Start to unfollow.

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Video Games are becoming incredibly boring. Maybe it's just a the new gen, but seeing nothing but "HD" remakes of games that came out as little as 1 year ago is not inspiring. I know the first year of new consoles is slow, but not really seeing a lot of stuff that excites. Nothing but sequels out there. Sequels to stuff that has been beaten into the ground. Do you think the gameplay is going to change dramatically for the next Uncharted or Halo? No. It'll be the same old stuff. I just feel like I've played everything already and being presented with the opportunity to play everything AGAIN is not exciting.

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If they considered Tomb Raider a failure in respect to copies sold, how is limiting its sequel's release going to help it fair any better? And on the console that's under performing! This is probably just a timed exclusive, but how fucking bizarre.

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My instinct is to not believe this, but... fuck. I hope this is all an elaborate hoax. This guy is such a huge part of my childhood.