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@lukeweizer: Years of cutbacks at the CBC by the Harper government, paired with the NHL lockout has bled them dry. Their website is so desperate that they used to do a "top 5 articles you may have missed this week" listicle. I assume they still do, but I've stopped going to the CBC as a news source. When they're that desperate for money it's tough to trust their integrity.

@grantheaslip: I haven't turned on a television to watch a TV show since maybe 2007, so I haven't seen those. I feel like the CBC isn't for old people like it was in the 80's, as evidenced by this clip.

Losing Hockey Night In Canada must be so devastating to them. I'm not a big of CBC, but even that kind hit me hard.

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I had heard that once they started selling GTA:O money cards in stores, things went to shit. That's a real shame. Guess I'll just have to get the most of the game as I can by doing stupid GTA stuff.

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Just picked up GTA V for 360 to play with a friend. Haven't played GTA Online since October or November. Did they fuck it up?

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Some say it still is for old people.

Also, 2 commercials at the beginning? Forget you, CBC.

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I like Dan, but watching someone actually be proud of their ignorance annoys me. That whole "I already know what I like so why try anything new" attitude kind of drives me crazy so I'd probably avoid a feature like this.

What's wrong with being comfortable with stuff that makes you happy?

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The original versions.

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Really sorry to hear that. Jeff is one of my favorite people to "hang out" with. He's provided me with so much entertainment over the past 10+ years. I never met his father, but he did a fine job raising Jeff. I'm sure he was very proud of him before he passed.

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Something else to note, these are games are on sale every 2 weeks on the eShop. If you can't decide or want more info, don't worry about missing the sale. There'll be another next month. Maybe even cheaper.

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The first thing I did when I used the internet was go to Proceeded to go there everyday until about Novemeber 2007... for no particular reason.

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I really enjoyed the character customization in the Souls game. I'm going to miss finding new, crazy armor sets, weapons or even just deciding to use a shield. But I respect their choice to go with more focused gameplay. And I can't refuse those environments and atmosphere. Looks incredible.

What? Character Customization was already confirmed....

Yeah, you'll find gear as per usual. New armour-sets, weaponry, what have you. Hell, there might even be shields in the game for all we know, but with the emphasis on movement, it's unclear as to whether you'll want to use one. I can almost promise you that there won't be any 100 % physical block ones, mind.

Also, I want to go out of my way and say that the enemy at the very end of the trailer, with them big flaps of skin loosely hanging from what remains of it's head, the lower jaw, is very likely the single, most disturbing enemy I have EVER seen. That thing is right up there with the Gaping Maw Dragon as thoroughly disgusting, and I love it. The spittle spraying from those flaps just add to it. Boy, I can't tell whether I'm shivering in delight or disgust. Overall, the art direction in this game is coming across as superlative.

Ooooooooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I didn't know they talked about armor and weaponry. Just thought you start with everything you get.