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@lukeweizer: I've never believed that sticks are inherently better either; that's just what the community tends to say as a whole (although probably less so now).

Well, speaking in terms of pure kinesiology, doing motions on a dpad relies entirely on your thumb whereas joystick movements can incorporate your fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulders, and even back and waist. It's a minute difference though, and in all honesty we really should be playing on Hitboxes anyways.

I saw someone using one of those at PAX Prime last year! It completely boggled my mind. Is it considered better than a Stick? Or just some different?

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@lukeweizer: Two things, really. First, competitive players who do this well on a pad are quite rare. After seeing so many pros that use sticks, and a community that always says "You really need a stick to do well," it's impressive to see someone have such good execution on a pad. Second, and this may just be me, not many people are probably aware you can even use a PS1 controller on a modern console. During the finals, when everything was tense and exciting, seeing something crazy like a nearly 20 year old controller can be pretty mind-blowing.

I've never believed that whole "stick to do well" thing. I've seen matches in MvC3 and SF4 where both players play equally well, then it turns out one of them used a pad. With enough practice, pad players can play just as well as sticks players. They'll probably get carpel-tunnel before the stick players, but they can play.

I actually use a PS1 controller for Injustice on 360. So, when I saw Luffy using it, I was like "Fuck yeah. That's a damn good pad."

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@migrations: Whenever I see someone use a pad, I don't see it till after the match is over, and I never realized they were using a pad. They were playing that well. I've always been of the mind that a good pad player can do anything a stick player can. And they've proved it as well. I can see why a pad player winning a major tournament like this would be a big deal, but I just feel like they had it in them all along. It was just a numbers game of stick players outnumbering pad players.

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@emtee: Yes, a majority. But there are plenty who do use pads, typically for grapplers. He's just a player who uses a pad. I would have the same reaction everyone else seems to be having if he had used a 360 pad, cause that thing's a piece of shit.

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I really don't understand everyone shitting their pants over the PS1 controller. A controller is a controller, they all serve the same purpose. If he prefers to play on a pad, why wouldn't he use a superior pad to the 360's (the system EVO uses to play USF4)?

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Wasn't planning on getting Destiny anyway, and this just makes me feel better about my decision. I don't even have 3 friends to form a Fireteam, let alone 5 that can form a Raid party.

As someone who likes co-op/ multiplayer games, but has no friends who also likes them, I live and die by matchmaking.

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I feel like it's just a downside of cheap games. 10% off a a new, $60 game isn't terrible, but when the new games is $8 and they want to give a 10% discount, it doesn't look as glamorous.

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Maybe I'm a selfish person but I wish someone here at GB would confirm that no one here has been laid off instead of posting something vague and foreboding and going offline.

That's a good point. Sounds like it was just Gamespot, though. I'd imagine people would be referring to it as CBSi layoffs if GB were involved.

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Vinny should do whatever he wants to do. Guy has a kid to look after. I'm sure having more things to do earlier in the morning is not what he's looking for.

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Xbox Live is having a very similar sale but it's crazy how much better the PSN deals are. $3.75 for Marvel vs. Capcom origins on PSN versus $7.49 on XBL. Not to mention PSN has better games listed.

Anyone know why Injustice Ultimate Edition isn't available for Xbox 360? It's not on the Xbox Games Store or at any physical retailer (in Canada).