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Driveclub's low scores by and large came from people who don't really like racing games. Jeff's in particular sticks out as one of the most unhelpful to driving game enthusiasts. At some points he just gets stuff flat out wrong (in the review I believe he says you can't change your car's paint color, but you absolutely can). Also aside from Jeff, I don't think any other review took issue with the handling, and from nearly everyone else I've heard from that has played it, the driving is supposed to be best in class.

Poor reviews from people with warped expectations coupled with Driveclub's horrendous server issues seems to have really hurt what could have been a cool, community-driven series.

Fortunately it seems like with the latest weather update people have been giving it a second chance, and I'm once again hearing a lot of positive things, so I guess it's not over quite yet.

You're right. You can paint the car. 10/10.

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@lukeweizer: What Corevi said.

AFAIK you don't need to actually be logged in with your US account in order to play the games associated with it as long as it exists on your system. When I boot up my PS4 it automatically signs into the user account tied to my CDN and I can still access games associated with my US PSN account without first logging in to that user account. I do have auto-login turned on for my US account, but I don't believe that affects anything...

That's good to hear. Didn't want it effecting my usual account. Thanks a lot!

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@lukeweizer: Pretty much. I've done this on the PS3 as well as my PS4 and it works just fine. There's a specific settings option that you need to check in your US account, something along the lines of "Set this as my main PS4" or whatever and then you'll be able to play again games associated with the U.S. account with any another account registered on the system.

It sounds so easy but I just can't wrap my head around it. I think I'm confused about the System User and the PSN Account. I do need to make a new System User for the US PSN account, but do I need to leave that System User logged in to play the games? That doesn't effect what PSN Account I'm signed in to, right?

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I stupidly bought a digital copy of Far Cry 4 before realizing it was for US accounts only (I'm in Canada).

I was informed that I can still play it with my main CA account, I just have to make a US PSN account to redeem the game to, create a new PS4 User and set it as my main account on my system. Has anyone had any experience doing this? I'm a little confused about how it all works. Once I sign in with a US PSN Account and download the game, I just set that account as my main on my system and my Canadian account should be able to play it?

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I'd be excited if I cared about Halo single player, but I don't.

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Can you play Omega in Ranked? Do earn the same points as regular Ranked matches?

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I thought the title of this thread was "Ellen: DeGeneres Thread?"

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This sounds like something some kid on 4chan would do. "Don't like what I do?! Well fuck you!" "Have opnions that are negative towards anything I do? Fuck you!"

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Microsoft published Ninja Gaiden II as well...

And Mass Effect.

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