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Vinny should do whatever he wants to do. Guy has a kid to look after. I'm sure having more things to do earlier in the morning is not what he's looking for.

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Xbox Live is having a very similar sale but it's crazy how much better the PSN deals are. $3.75 for Marvel vs. Capcom origins on PSN versus $7.49 on XBL. Not to mention PSN has better games listed.

Anyone know why Injustice Ultimate Edition isn't available for Xbox 360? It's not on the Xbox Games Store or at any physical retailer (in Canada).

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@smcn: Yeaahh but... Mass 3 was delayed and I want to say Dragon Age 2 was delayed as well. I'm not saying that DA3 will be bad, but considering BioWare's recent track record I have to say that delays from them is starting to become a bad omen.

I can't remember if it was delayed but Dragon Age 2 was forced out in a year, and even with it's obvious problems I think they managed pretty well for that sort of crunch.

I thought ME3 turned out great so I guess nothing to add there.

Oh dude don't misunderstand; I am completely empathetic to BioWare's position in regards to DA2. Once it came to light how badly they got shafted, I came to appreciate just how much they could get done in 10 months. They managed to create a 30 hour RPG in a year. That's fucking insane.

ME3 was great, but there were clearly chunks of stuff missing. It took almost a year of DLC to get it to the point where it felt whole. I'm really hoping that EA hasn't hobbled BioWare this time because, man, I really love that studio and the way they make games.

Was that actually the amount of time they had for DA 2? That explains a lot.

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@lukeweizer: There are at least three and in the gear rarity overview on the website/companion app your subclass is listed which suggests uncommon rare and legendary subclasses, which is a cool spin on equipment.

Top left is subclass

Whoa. So gear tailored to each subclass? That's neat.

Come to think of it, I'm genuinely confused by the skill system. At the end of a skill tree, there's the option to "Lock in" your skill. When I got to level 8 in the Beta, I never really had to pick one skill over another. I would level up and a skill would be ready for me to use. That only did seem to be the case for the top row of skills. I actually never did unlock any of the lower row skills. Jeff mentioned they seemed to be tied to how often you use the parent skill, don't know if that's true. Are the lower tier skills when a choice has to be made? What are you locking when you max a subclass? Are you able to switch between subclasses once you've completed it? Or are you abandoning it once you switch? Is 20 levels per subclass? AAAH!! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

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@lukeweizer: No, but I could easily see the Titan or Hunter getting one.

Are there more than 1 sub class? Are they just hinting at the 1 in the beta?

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I'm only having a hard time because none of them appeal to me. Do any of the classes of some sort of turret or companion skill?

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Question regarding console manufacturers keeping promises and trying to make their console better:

Is Sony making attempts to make the PS4 better? I see a Microsoft making updates to the system on a seemingly a bi-monthly basis to improve it. Is Sony doing a similar thing? I don't own either console, so I don't know what people are griping about with the Xbox One or PS4, but I remember people saying that the party system on PS4 was kinda screwy at launch, something else about the camera mic always being off. Did that stuff get fixed?

Do you think one console will be better supported and respond to fan feedback more than the other?

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I'm probably getting a white PS4 for Destiny even though my excitement for the game isn't all that high. Looking forward to No Man's Sky, Bloodborne, MK X and probably get Far Cry 4 for it. Already got Witcher 3 ordered on PC.

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I think Destiny has better co-op.