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Is there any way to remove ALL your cards from King of the Ring? It's over and I can swap out cards, but I just want to remove all my cards from there so I don't have to swap stuff in and out when I want to craft.

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Still miss you.

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Just finished this last night (non-Knightfall ending). I was forcing myself to get through it. I don't know what it was. I felt it was a lot of rinse and repeat stuff. Maybe more rinse and repeat gameplay from the previous games. Stuff like:

- Batman: "I need to do this one specific thing to get to my next objective."

Person on other end of radio: "You need to do these 3-4 other, more boring objectives in order to complete that objective."

Me: "Uuuugggh... fuck."

- Anything to do with the car was not fun for me. I found myself loathing it whenever it came up... and there was a lot of it.

- Every fucking person Batman talks to says that he'll never succeed and he can't beat Scarecrow. He then make some snide comment about how he will. That was charming in the first game when it happened seldom, but seriously, it seemed like every person Batman talked to in this game had a similar exchange multiple times.

I think I just found myself getting tired of the formula a lot quicker this time around. I played the first game about 5 times, but whenever I got to Ivy's part in the story, it just started to drag for me. That was always the part I hated the most. I just slogged through collecting samples from Croc's lair to get it done with. I had that same feeling a lot with this game.

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@redyoshi said:
@jiggajoe14 said:

I've heard to get the TRUE ending you have to 100% the game including all the riddler trophies...which fuck that

Oh, well that's just great. Now I'm gonna have to run around collecting those stupid things.


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@starvinggamer: I got so excited at the notion of Super Arcade coming back and having LIVE WNF again. I really hope they find somewhere to open up shop again.

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Those entrant numbers are interesting. 85 entrants for KI? That's pretty low. Especially for a game with a $15k bonus. Also surprised by USF4 and both Smash games having more entrants than MKX.

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I downloaded the AMD Beta Drivers they released for the game and it's playable now for me. My GPU is even lower than the minimum requested.

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Political Correctness.

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I'm having a hard time differentiating the two, but I whichever one is more outside. The one with the waterfalls.

Also kind of blown away that they're adding "Guild Halls" to a game called "Guild Wars" 3 years later.

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Hm. Glad this isn't just my rig getting old, but not happy that I can't play the game. Really not looking forward to playing the game of "Oh they said they fixed it, but it still runs poorly. Is it my machine or are they lying?" Has anyone requested a Steam refund for a game they bought on GMG? I guess I'd have to go through GMG, right?