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I understand what your talking about, I rarely get into the zone when playing games as their is way too many distractions for me and living with 5 other people, but I still understand.

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On March the 24th Robert Culp sadly passed away, for those who do not know him he was the voice actor of Dr. Wallace Breen in Half Life 2.  

Cant think of any thing else to say and no one else posted it so R.I.P

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Ah thanks thats what I was confused about/ looking for. 
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So I shall assume that if you pre-order the standard you get the same as in the limited.

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What is the difference between the limited edition copy and the regular copy? 
I just had a look on Amazon ( UK so it hasn't come out yet for me)  and the limited edition is the exact same price as the regular one, also when I looked about a week ago the regular one was more expensive than the limited edition one. 
As far as I'm aware Amazon has not said what the difference between the 2 are, so I wondering whether someone could give me some help.

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Never played them. 
For which console where they released?

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Yeh I hav'nt mixed them up, there all different enough for me to recognise them and take a liking to them, unlike some reviewers which are just robots with human voices and have no personality.

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Luke but everyone calls me Luke. 
Dunno why my parents called me it, but if they had followed my advise for my sisters names, then they would either of been called Zelda and Sheik for Legend for zelda or Theyd be something to do with star wars to go with me and my bro Ben. 
I was like 4 or something.

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Right, first of yes I did play the first one, but I found it meh because I thought that really if you want story you read a book or whatever, and without letting the story grip me as much as I maybe should have I found the game not to live up to its astounded reviews. 
Now: Bioshock 2 has made great improvements to combat with new guns, ability to dual wield and all that, and really all I wanted bioshock to add because like I said story means very little for me, so when I found Bioshock getting all of these low scores and I read view the reviews there was one key point why it isnt better than its predecessor and that's because of its story. 
And so now I come onto my main point, How long can you go before comparing a game to its predecessor?   
I mean look at legend of Zelda which is a great example of this, now most people say that the best game in the series is Ocarina of time. But I mean really? If you just go and look and twilight princess, I mean which is better? Now of course you could say " But legend of Zelda ocarina was good for its time"  but I mean cant you say that about just about anything? Oh it was better before, but really that's just because were remembering good parts of memories and were leaving out the rest, Go go back and play a couple of old games that have newish releases, like Mario, metroid and all of them, then play the newer ones of them. You'll get a shock.
If your going to review a game, you should always go in with an open mind, or if not that then an even one, See the problem Bioshock 2 had is that as soon as people started laying straight away it was " Will the story be as good?" " No way could they get such a good story again?" Blady blady blah. And so instantly people started going. " Oh no I expected that!" "Oh no that isn't shocking enough" By the way I've gotten most of this from my brother who I was watching playing and a bunch of friends I saw playing it. Anyway and so people didn't go in with an open mind.  
Bioshock brings up an important thing for me. Which do we want? Story or action? And it seems that no game so far has been able to hit the direct spot, because if there's too much story the game play gets bogged down and your pretty much just watching a move, and if there's to much action, then the story seems loosely connected by something that someone in the office though up rather quickly while getting his coat onto leave, and then you have games that have, while your playing something will happen, but while spectacular in some cases, they make the game feel much more on rails as well as making it look like the game has been layered, so the action has been done they've got all the world stuff and what not done, and then they go back in and go " right there" and add in something, and to me anyway it can sometimes seem unbelievably obvious. 
 Anyway back to the actual main point, Am I the only one who thinks that Bioshock 2 is being compared far too much to its predecessor?  
P.S I put way too many different random points in here >.<

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Yes i am totally stocked for this game, shame that its an xbox live arcade game only though :(