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Yes! Awesome.

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PSN ID: Hunter-HHH

Time Zone: GMT

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Fifa 14, NBA 2k14

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Thanks for the post, this will make it easy for me to read everything after work. :)

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Awsome, this will make today's stream even better!

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Thank you all for your help.

So with all this I think that for now I'm going to upgrade my RAM, any sugestions for that? Sould I buy 2 more 2GB of the same RAM or go for a 2x 4GB or even 2x 8GB?

Another question, my motherboard has PCIe 2.0 and some of you recomended the GTX 770 that is PCIe 3.0, wouldn't that be a problem? I've had some issues with my current GPU because of bad drivers install (auto updated the drivers and it gave me blue screens).

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Hey, I have a 2010 pc that I've been thinking of upgrading for quite some time and after talking to some of you in the past extra-life marathon I decided to start looking for what to change.

So first things first, here is my build:

I also have, but could't find in that site:

  • ASUS RADEON HD 5870 1GB DDR5 PCI-Ex 2.1
  • Samsung DVD+/-RW 22X SH-S223L SATA

I was thinking of upgrading my RAM and my Graphics Card and maybe buying a SSD.

What do you think? Have any sugestions of what should I upgrade and what should I buy.

Any help is welcome.


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Can't add a item on my list, it apears on it when I add but after saving it desapears. No error is showned in fact a message of sucsesseful saved appears.

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The pol is over and this are the results:

Ico & Shadow of The Colossus HD 29%

Fallout New Vegas 23%

Dead Space 2 16%

Darksiders 14%

Bulletstorm (Your vote) 11%

Final Fantasy XIII 5%

AC: Revelations 4%

Thanks guys, I'll start Ico & Shadow of the Colossus today.