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Well I notice this yesterday, after installing Watch Dogs. The PS4 was downloading update patches for the game and I noticed the humming.

I picked up the console and the noise stop which makes me think the the problem may be the vibration the console does when spinning the disc, the vibration on the platform the console is make the humming noise.

The sound is quite noticeable and loud but it stop minutes after, mind you I was not in the game, I was on the downloading screen.

Today I'm going to test the cleaning solution and see if it works.

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Yes! Awesome.

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PSN ID: Hunter-HHH

Time Zone: GMT

Games at Launch: Assassins Creed 4, Fifa 14, NBA 2k14

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Thanks for the post, this will make it easy for me to read everything after work. :)

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Awsome, this will make today's stream even better!

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Thank you all for your help.

So with all this I think that for now I'm going to upgrade my RAM, any sugestions for that? Sould I buy 2 more 2GB of the same RAM or go for a 2x 4GB or even 2x 8GB?

Another question, my motherboard has PCIe 2.0 and some of you recomended the GTX 770 that is PCIe 3.0, wouldn't that be a problem? I've had some issues with my current GPU because of bad drivers install (auto updated the drivers and it gave me blue screens).

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Hey, I have a 2010 pc that I've been thinking of upgrading for quite some time and after talking to some of you in the past extra-life marathon I decided to start looking for what to change.

So first things first, here is my build:

I also have, but could't find in that site:

  • ASUS RADEON HD 5870 1GB DDR5 PCI-Ex 2.1
  • Samsung DVD+/-RW 22X SH-S223L SATA

I was thinking of upgrading my RAM and my Graphics Card and maybe buying a SSD.

What do you think? Have any sugestions of what should I upgrade and what should I buy.

Any help is welcome.


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Can't add a item on my list, it apears on it when I add but after saving it desapears. No error is showned in fact a message of sucsesseful saved appears.