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Mine has to be Brad and Jeff playing hockey. Brad seemed pumped at first, both were just so confused while playing. 
It's just so unresponsive on the controls..
How do I shoot?
Turn around, turn around again.
Yeah dude, this is hockey.
I have very little sense that I'm actually interacting with this game.
What's yours?

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@trophyhunter said:

" its a shooting game where you almost never shoot anyone, and you have to pay a monthly fee. you probably like farmvile too. "

I have 1500 kills, but hey I only play the game what do I know.
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I play in a top criminal group, and have around 100 hours played. I'm not justifying anything, I just want to see a game I love to play succeed. Haters gunna hate.

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Sessler on commentary after they talked so much about this event couldn't happen without the community. Talk about a big fuck you to the community that lives this shit 24/7/365.

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Pokemon Gold or Dragon Age in my library.

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