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It's not dying, it's changing. It has always been doing that and will continue to do so.


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I want to see some real next-gen visuals. Ones that wow me. Other than that, I really want to see Fallout 4.

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It is a North America key and please reply via PM if you are interested.

edit: They ended up refunding my order and as such I would not be comfortable selling the key. If it even works at this point. Sorry to have wasted your time. The game is fantastic btw.

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Would anyone be interested in an unused cd-key of the new South Park game? You would only pay what I paid which was $44.90 from Green Man Gaming. I used their 25% off coupon + my $0.10 credit to purchase it but they failed to send the key on time before release and this title was a must play at midnight for me. I proceeded to request a refund and bought it directly from Steam. GMG denied my refund and I'm stuck with an unused pre-purchase cd-key. Payment would need to be confirmed via paypal prior to sending of the key. Unfortunately I'm only offering this key to Giantbomb gold members only as I'm a little paranoid of dealing with randoms. As an aside, I've been a GB gold member for several years and very trustworthy. Thank you for your consideration.

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Wow, did not expect this...

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Hey guys! Great server. I've enjoyed playing on it. Add me on Origin. I have no Origin friends. "McNeckbeard". I'm [VR]McNeckbeard on the server.

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You should play this... motherfucker! :D Or just maybe watch the QL. Good luck on your quest. I dove into Dragon Age 1. Needed a good rpg.

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My heart goes out to everyone.

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This seems like a massive last of us spoiler and I just had to scroll down to the bottom of the gb main page to see it. Awesome.

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My Xbox died and I'm not buying a new one this close to next gen. PC version please. :)