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I would say Tales of Vesperia.

I'm on my second playthough and  loving it.

I have both games and although Infinite Undiscovery isn't all that bad of a game, it definitely isn't a favourite. You'll quickly find the game repetitious and you'll be doing a lot of backtracking throughout the entire game, which I found to feel a lot like grinding, a feeling I hate.

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I actually just watched the prequel today, it was alright, gives you some info on that happened right before the events of the game.

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Well at first before I even saw him, before turning around that corner, I stood there for about 10 minutes saying to myself "WTFs that...?" Then after seeing him I thought that if I got close he'd attack suddenly or something, so I opened a couple of Plasma rounds on him, nothing happened, just for him to drop to the ground, dead, as soon as I took a 1/2 step further. ;)

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The Twitchers!

Those creepy things are all twichie, and they run REALLY fast!

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Sorry about that. :(

I guess I just got to used to discussing the game with those who have already beaten it.


Putting that aside. o_o

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As some of you might know, a sequel for Dead Space has already been confirmed, and is apparently already in development. (CAN'T WAIT!!! Sadly, no release as of yet, and probably not for quite awhile. </3)

What are your thoughts on it? What would you like explained further in terms of the story in Dead Space II? Do you think the evil zombie-thingie at the end killed Isaac, and we'll instead be playing as someone else in the sequel? Any new features you'd like to see in the next game? ;)

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Oh yes!

My God, I hate those parts with the regenerating dude (I believe his official name is "Hunter") All you can do is panic, run, and stasis him, on top and having to fend off a whole bunch of normal necros.

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ybouc said:
"As long as the game is a variation-on-a-theme that suits the Wii well, I'm all for it.  (but DAMN YOU Nintendo for not making the Wii HD ! )"
You know,

You can buy special HD Wii compatible colour cords, to make the Wii work with HDTVs. (Sorry, don't really know the right term for those cords, but you know.. the colour cord thingies that go from into the console to your TV)

I personally would/do prefer the standard 360 controller, a game like this might be awkward using the Wii Remote. Although I own both the 360, and the Wii, so I may buy yet another copy of Dead Space for the Wii whenever it's released, just to check it out. ;)
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The_Icon said:
"Demilich said:
"IMO level 5 suit is the best looking, but the military suit far from sucks."
Is that a bash or praise?"
I *think* it's suppose to be praise. o.O

Anywho, I do kinda have to agree, the Level 6 Suit doesn't really look all that appealing.
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Yeah it's just nodes.

I've created a new guide for the game with a bunch of codes for the game, giving you nodes, credits, and even codes to refill your stasis meter whenever you want.

Check it out. :)

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