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Downloading the trial now.

I don't look to create a name for myself. I just want to be a space observer, having a relaxing time among the stars and carving out just a fraction of a sliver of space for myself.

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During the Great Internet War of 2006, source code and GUI interfaces were strung out in rubble all across the netscape. It took the blood, sweat, and tears of General Frederick Neo and his son Sergeant William Gafferton to forge an exclusive e-club for themselves and a select few bros. The circle has slowly expanded into letting only the most trustworthy of newcomers in, but even these Junior Members are subject to the harsh laws of GAF's institution of Eternal Martial Law (EML). It is because of EML that GAF enjoys its exclusive status and direct discussion with writers and developers of highly esteemed gaming culture. GAF is the Red Lobster of Internet forums, where folks journey from across land and sea just to taste (and contribute) to GAF's figurative Crab Linguini Alfredo. Whenever one posts to GAF, it is not uncommon to shed a single tear of pride for the site and the honor it is to post amongst similar geniuses and heroes. It is the dream of all GAF members that the GAF spirit will take the rest of the Internet to promote civility, and then take the world to ensure world peace. If General Frederick Neo and Sergeant William Gafferton were alive to see the treasure and hope that GAF has become, they would assuredly salute the honor that the site has built for itself. They would be proud.

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That's a terrible price. The next xbox could come out before that sub ends and you would be stuck paying $15 a month for a service no one uses anymore.

It's all part of Microsoft's plan: Introduce the Xbox Next at a subsidized price with a similar sort of contract, and then by buying it you "refresh" the contract to 2 years from the point of buying the new Xbox (similar to how AT&T; used to "refresh" iPhone subscriptions when upgrading from an older model).
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@nemt If someone took away my Survive 1,000,000 Geometry Wars cheev, I'll flip over tables.
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I miss Blue Plz podcasts even when I don't play WoW. I liked the live IRC nature of them.

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TB is for reals. I'd love to hear him do a random 1 hour show ranting on PSN being compromised.

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Of the Shattering or at least right before
Giant Bomb would be there in the final moments of Old Azeroth, before the 4.0.3 patch hits.

I would be quite content with such an event.

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@shadyspace said:
" What about subscribers who don't play WoW? I'm not a fan of this along with that private server idea Jeff brought up on the bombcast. Subscriber features should be things that all subscribers can benefit from equally. "
If it cost something to implement this idea and took away from the overall "subscriber feature budget" pie, I would understand this. However, it's not like making a guild would consume any resources, and keeping it subscriber-only would be pure benefit to the WoW player while not being a cost to non-WoW players in any way, shape, or form.