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Cool. I totally forgot about TWEWY on the DS and would totally get the iPad version.

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Vinny Jar Time. I haven't been watching Jeff's in like forever but man I'd really watch this.

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Yeah I pretty much get a stiffy and cream myself knowing I got someone mildly irate.

Well I wasn't intending to piss you off about the free market, that was me just stating my view, which you are fully entitled to disagree with. You didn't piss me off in the slightest,

People get pissed off because they choose to.

Big WTF on my end right now. What did I say for you to think I was trying to piss you off?
The few times I attempt a serious discussion, I come across as antagonistic anyway. All I was doing was presenting my myopic interpretation of the matter while chiding on the government's habits. I was (and still am) happy to read the counterpoints you offered. I'll be glad to admit that there are many matters of which I'm woefully ignorant.  
Yet when it comes to things like the way government intervenes with businesses, I'll happily stick my neck out to look like an idiot if it means I learn something.
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PC Gaming isn't a miserable little pile of apples that's for sure. Seriously though, PC gaming isn't restricted to mouse and keyboard. Maybe try out a 360 or PS3 controller.

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@Contrarian: Sure, you're right. I should have specified on things that are not basic human necessities, government shouldn't get in the way. My stupid opinion, obviously. Government always sticks its nose where it doesn't belong.
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Hizang I'm not joking when I say try to monetize your YouTubes to offset the cost of that capture card. Anybody paying that kind of cheddar should at least seriously consider it.

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@Hailinel@Demoskinos: Hear here Tecmo we want that dong mod DLC!
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Er, they price it that way because they can get away with it. Why should the government intervene with a free market? Consumers lacking self-control shouldn't be grounds for regulation.

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How would you feel if you walked in some girl you know playing a videogame with two dudes and their oversized dongs prominently flapping about as they fight each other?

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PlayStation Fork