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This is probably the cheapest thing I've ever done but I've just bought Gears 3 and got home, put it in the xbox and a message pops up: Your xbox live gold subscription has ran out.

Wow, just my luck xD

was just wondering if anyone possibly had a 48 hour trial just so I can get to play online until I can get the money to buy some live


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Okay, I jus wanna see my battlenet account again, I can't get my password back because I can't find my WOTLK cd case and I don't know my secret answer because I was about 13 when I made the account and it was something stupid... 
Anybody know a way to get my account back without these pieces of information? 
Thanks x

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@Hargreaves93: If you like dubstep aswell you should try and listen to P Money, 
that guy actually kills it off when he spits on a dubstep track  
This is my favorite freestyle, JME and Tempz are just amazing xD
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I've looked through the site and I always seem to find pages about different kinds of music people on the site listen to, but I'm yet to find one on grime.. 
Now if you're from the UK then its actually becoming quite big over here, and I was just wondering if anyone actually listens to it? 
Or even in other parts of the world?

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I just wanted to know how many profiles you can have in thise game.. 
I don't want to overwrite the 1 profile on there already, but the other option is Start new game, will this create anotehr profile or go over the already made one? 
Thanks :D

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I had insomnia.. 
its rough
just try to think about fun things you did in the day, or if it was a shit day then think about fun times... 
either that or something which calms you down. 
I saw a photo on this site which was about lucid dreaming, I used to do what that photo said if you can find it and used to drift off, took me 'till about 6 in the morning though.

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Try ebay... not giantbomb :D

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@Chaser324 said:

That's a lot of effort just to get a 2 day free trial. I mean, they're common stuff since i have like 20 of those unused.

Same here. I never even take them out of the case. 
Any of you two feel like PMing me one code if you're feeling kind, wouldn't normally ask but I don't get paid for another week and well lifes getting pretty boring without live.. :D thanks
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Douglas Adams, 
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.. 
the trilogy of five :D 
man i love them books

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Get stoned and reas this, it might just make sense