Blah: And so I'm here.

Well, I'm on this site thanks to my friends Andrew (Cloneslayer) and Sam (Veldin). I dunno, it is a pretty sweet idea; making a wiki-like encyclopedia dedicated to games, gamers, and gaming related things. Editing and gathering points is also pretty amusing, I've already submitted several additions to really old games that nobody knew about and it's nice to already have some points from it.

Still, there are a lot of things I'm not really liking about this site. I understand it's a new, in-development, deal but I still get a little annoyed from the rather difficult interface (at least I found it difficult) and the clunky, awkward look that most of the pages have. I dunno, I still can't figure out how to search for other people and add to my "friend network" but I could just be missing something big so that when I figure it out I'll be like "Oh... so that's how you do it. That's way super easy and I'm just dumb for having not known it."

What ever, it's all good and I'll keep exploring until I figure this thing out.