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I thought the misleading advertising was going to be that Sony said they were still supporting the Vita.

To be fair, Sony hasn't put much of an effort into advertising Vita in the USA so they would most likely get a pass there.

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@billyok said:

Love how, two days after everyone was fuming about how Ubi rushed Unity out before it was ready, the comments here are take-my-ball-and-go-home pissy that Rockstar took its time to get it right. Congrats on being part of the problem.

GTA Online was a mess when it launched. Now it's not. So here come the heists.

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I'm glad I'm finally getting the feature I bought the game for.

If the feature you're buying a game for isn't available yet, don't buy the game. Not complicated.

A lot of people exaggerate when they say that, but I still don't understand the desire to purchase something in anticipation. Sure, if you are going to play GTA5 anyways, just buy the game, but if you bought it for heists, then wait for heists. The same thing goes for people who buy consoles for games that aren't released yet.

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Perhaps the show will be more condensed and less focused on corporate sponsorship. They might actually have time to talk about the award categories and the games receiving them.

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All you have to do is launch the game through Uplay people. Steam can still be the hub for launching all the games on your PC. Ubisoft games already log on through Uplay so the only difference would be where you purchase the game from.

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If Nintendo would remove region blocking and establish a universal Nintendo network for game and media downloads they will be on track to be a strong competitor in the next generation (kinda late for this one).

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I know things are serious when Giantbomb issues a formal letter. Honestly, I do feel powerless because I don't know how to make people be less of jerks.

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I seriously want to know the behind-the-scenes story to why Letterman and staff would allow Hatsune Miku on the show as a performer. Was it simply a contract performance paid for by a promoter? Did Letterman see the performance before airing? No audience reaction!?

There was so much more that could be gotten from that.

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Apparently, Ubisoft wants to awkwardly release Wii U games and claim bad Wii U sales when most people are either not buying games or buying other games.

I'm calling sabotage on this one.

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Looks like other streaming services may have to get more server space soon. Google's takedown policy is too anti-user and what's the point of utilizing Google's infrastructure if stream archives aren't permanent? At least allow paid users to archive videos indefinitely.

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After the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation I had a large collection of games - 90% of which I would never touch again.

That's when I became a lot more conservative about which games I would buy and which I would keep. I don't have a shelf of games, but I do have a large container full of games and movies that I liked so much that I wanted to physically be able to touch and/or play again.