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As expected and always hinted at by Capcom the title will cost $29.99/€24.99.

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@wrighteous86 said:

FUCK YES! But, does this franchise really not sell enough in the West that they've neglected translating Edgeworth 2 and Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton, and set this to digital-only? I would've assumed it did well enough to make a bit of profit for Capcom...

No one bought Ace Attorney Investigations.

I think it's mostly because the investigation games aren't as popular as the main phoenix wright games. It was kind of dumb for them to gauge NA's interest on that and make this digital only because it's probably cheaper. I really hope that this sells well though so that we get Layton vs Wright, they just have to localize it.

PLvAA is Level 5's game, so Capcom can't do anything about that. However Level 5 probably don't want to interfere with PL6 which comes out this year so it will take a while before we see another Layton game.

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@Bocam said:

@FluxWaveZ: Clover's expressions are apparently intentional.

Really? I rather have the feeling that's kind of a bug. The first one is fine. She winks at you and the expression is supposed to be "playful". The second one (where she grabs her hair) exists in two variations and most of the time I think she is supposed to look frightened. The third one is just downright wrong. Why would she smile when she's looking down and overall depressed? The fourth is strange as well, because she is supposed to look determined or a little bit angry. Her mouth should be a straight line in this one.

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Should be a new trailer according to the ID. The last countdown had an old ID, so I don't know why you were expecting something new back then.

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@phrosnite said:
" I've heard that every act is as long as the first game and there are three acts so... 4-8 hours perhaps. "
Yep, e.g. Chapter 2 (out of 10) features 22 test chambers.
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Roughly 12 hours for SP and 8 hours for Coop. But it always depends on the player.

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@Redbullet685 said:
" @Gabriel said:
" Buy the PS3 version, get PC version, sell back to gamestop for 30 bucks.  "
This is a very good answer. "
They would be stupid enough to buy back a version with the PC code already redeemed? I doubt so.
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Or just buy it on Steam and you get it on Tuesday.

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How about this:

 -Create a Steam account to link with your main psn account. *DO NOT REDEEM YOUR STEAM COPY ON THIS ACCOUNT.*
-Make an alternate PSN account, then link it to an alternate Steam account.
-Redeem your Steam copy onto the alternate Steam account.

Wouldn't you be able to play with yourself then? After all you would be using two different steam accounts.