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aw thx a lot for the help. i didnt even pay attention to the symbols, getting a x3 help a bunch!

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what is the best thing to invest in. i was thinking weapons 1st then armor then assecories then food? any advice on what lvls i should keep them at, splurge on one or try to keep them even or what?

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awww ty!

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also cant seem to remember how to change this up, my partner keeps using all my gels and not using magic heals...

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awwww ic i figured it out have to hit it same time as your o button. thx for the quick reply!

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havent played in awhile and just came back to it but im having a brain fart here. How do i use the blasted artes with my left stick? like i have one set up to move left stick left or right but if i do my char just moves back or forward. the ones set up to up and down wont work and cant seem to remember what im missing here.

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you have to be alone. i had to let the zombies kill my companion. but i think in certain safe houses you can choose to leave your companions behind from a billboard in there.

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it does take about an hour or so tops. did you try running the side missions?

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im guessing its game over, im getting close to the end and have dicked around a lot and still have a couple days left. i think it gives you more than enough time to explore and do all the side missions.

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dicks back! about half way or so and now i can see him! yay! guess i just ran into some weird ass glitch or something? i wonder though if it has anything to do with being connected to the Enet? I tend to lose connection alot and i know Dick is tied in with multiplayer...