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the internet ruined MTV. Ruined CD's etc. the only thing that people would actually watch was reality shows. it was more like a last resort for MTV to get viewers. sure they are like the video game industry in one aspect. they need to make money, so they try to appeal to the masses, the audience. if anything beyond 2 souls is like that really really awesome rock song that only played for a few days as no one liked it. it was ruining the reality TV! ironic, dont yah think?

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meh good games. still dont think beyond is a bad game. i think its great. most emotional, engaging game ive played in a long time. i love the story, i loved the game play and i loved the so called boring scenes almost the best. hell, just walking around dealing with the enviornment with such a well polished game was a treat, pretty much honestly the worst parts of the game for me where the action sequences. not saying this because it was different etc. IM SAYING THIS BECAUSE I LIKED THE FUCKING GAME!!!! I really really want more games that focus on this sort of stuff. im just tired of the same old kill kill kill kill xp xpx xpx xpxpxpxppx lvl up etc, sorry, just understand that please.

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What you consider the "dream" of the medium is what I consider the ruination of the medium. That's why I'm saying there are two groups. That's why the industry needs to cell divide.

No, this is the stupidest fucking thing ever. Both groups are idiotic as hell and I consider anyone who doesn't believe that delusional.

No one style of game is ruining or paradigm shifting the industry.

lol propaganda? lol... FF7 was the beginning of the end? wow... you need to just play some Galaga or something? so what is your discription of a game the is making progress into how games should be jazgalaxy? im really not seeing any improvement from 80's style arcade games, hell even pong from what you consider how a game should be... so again what is your idea of a revolutionary game that is making progress into the future of gaming?

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meh id just hate to see people miss out on a good game due to unfair reviews. critical statements usually start pouring in after a week or so after the hardcores have all beat it and start to pick it apart with the second play through. ive got plenty id like to change with the game but at this point its way to early to start picking a part a MASTERPIECE like this game. yes i said it, this game is a masterpiece. i just love games like heavy rain and indigo. just get flustered, seems like people are just being mean and overly critical without truly giving the game a chance first. well, their loss i guess...

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@lusence: Just because something is different doesn't mean its good or that you should just overlook its faults. I like the game but like Alex I fall in the middle here. There is a lot to like but the script itself has a ton of very un-earned moments and general hamfisted storytelling.

You can't just throw me into a scene where I have no context to care about the characters yet and expect me to give any shits when something bad happens to them. Silly silly shit like giving you inexplicable Romance options with every single guy Jodi comes across is just fucking goofy. And so many of the other emotional haymakers he throws at you are entirely cliche a.k.a The end of Salim's arc on "the mission. The main thing that saves this for me is the pretty great acting and presentation.

lol okay man you win. i think its a good game, period. and hey it different, even better. blah blah blah.

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LOL uncharted and tomb raider? you mean the games where you have to take on droves and droves of bad guys with guns and um its a cover based shooter? not sure what your talking about man, i dont think you even do. this game has NOTHING in common with those 2 games. MTV? G4? Cartoon Network? man i remember back in the day when new cinematic driven story games started popping up like FF7 the dream was for an interactive movie type game. You get the great graphics of the cut scenes yet its the entire game, and you get the freedom of choice and game play. anyways fair to say it appeals to a certain demographic, its not the end of the constant drove of rehashes and mindless FPS KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL have no worries my good chap. with people like you cool games like this are still a rare treat for a true gamer.