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So many to choose from....

  • Multiple, "Hey my laptop doesn't work could you have a look" / "Sure. Oh it smells like cat piss did you cat piss on it?" / "Maybe"
  • One Vodka and Orange Laptop
  • I set fire to one motherboard as I was sticking additional memory in the dark and didn't notice I trapped one of the cables from the PSU under it.
  • Windows ME / 95 and 98 pre SE
  • Discovering my younger brother overwrite my copy of Sim City on my CPC with his Sim City save.
  • Spotting a PC 'technician' spraying WD40 into the breather hole of harddrives.
  • Breaking a 256 node supercomputer by overwriting all the config files on every node with the config of one of the nodes at ten minutes before clocking off time.
  • Anything branded Belkin.
  • The inside of any PC owned by a Smoker with pets.
  • IRQs and ISA expansion cards.
  • Dropping my Model M keyboard on my external HDD taking all the data with it. (Yes I had a backup, but still a pain.)
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@seikenfreak: I would agree, if it weren't for the fact Sutil aquaplaned off. If one car aquaplanes another can follow, so don't put the tractor out until safe to do so. And I don't think driving under double yellows meant that the driver could stop themselves from aquaplaning,

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I was fully expecting Heifield to climb out and give Prost a thumping. Drama with the final podium as well. Sam Bird has moved up one.

Oh well it is run by the FIA so I guess we should expect badly communicated penalties after the race.

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Go on Eddie ask some awkward questions!

Edit: Great work handling the booing.

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Oh there are going to be fireworks in the post race Mercedes interviews

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Well that was one hell of a last lap.

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  1. Elite
  2. Sid Meier's Pirates!
  3. Nethack

Other games that spring to mind that could of been in my top three if you asked me again...

  • A version of Football Manager/Championship manager from early 2000's
  • Civ 4
  • Stars!
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Feud
  • Bomberman
  • Worms
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@earlessshrimp said:

@veektarius said:




If sticking to a "Roguelike", Nethack or Don't Starve if you wanted it to be something more stream friendly. If sticking to games in a genre I haven't given a good go at Football Manager.