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Woo! Found a steam so I can watch the 500 in the UK. It is always so jarring how much more advertising and filler it has compared to any sports coverage over here.

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Those giant CGI Rolex ads covering up the empty grandstand are kinda crazy.

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Eddie! eddie! eddie!

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@t_wester: Don't want to spoil it for anyone so I just say. I was really impressed with the driver who ended up second.

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Can't help but wonder if Massa pitted one lap earlier would he of ended up with a better chance of keeping third place?

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Come on Verstappen tear threw them all.

Oh bugger I cursed him

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Waiting for Bombcast

Past midnight should be sleeping.

Late for work again

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Would of mentioned a lot of what has been mentioned above. Looking at my feeds a couple of BBC Radio feeds I can recommend:

More Or Less which is awesome if you are nerdy in anyway about numbers.

Reith Lectures bit like TED talks but much more indepth and has been going on since 1948.

The Infinite Monkey Cage radio show that is a mix of science/comedy.

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Bugger a QL I want a Danny & Drew ER. Play a season in the non-league.

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So many to choose from....

  • Multiple, "Hey my laptop doesn't work could you have a look" / "Sure. Oh it smells like cat piss did you cat piss on it?" / "Maybe"
  • One Vodka and Orange Laptop
  • I set fire to one motherboard as I was sticking additional memory in the dark and didn't notice I trapped one of the cables from the PSU under it.
  • Windows ME / 95 and 98 pre SE
  • Discovering my younger brother overwrite my copy of Sim City on my CPC with his Sim City save.
  • Spotting a PC 'technician' spraying WD40 into the breather hole of harddrives.
  • Breaking a 256 node supercomputer by overwriting all the config files on every node with the config of one of the nodes at ten minutes before clocking off time.
  • Anything branded Belkin.
  • The inside of any PC owned by a Smoker with pets.
  • IRQs and ISA expansion cards.
  • Dropping my Model M keyboard on my external HDD taking all the data with it. (Yes I had a backup, but still a pain.)