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Go on Eddie ask some awkward questions!

Edit: Great work handling the booing.

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Oh there are going to be fireworks in the post race Mercedes interviews

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Well that was one hell of a last lap.

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  1. Elite
  2. Sid Meier's Pirates!
  3. Nethack

Other games that spring to mind that could of been in my top three if you asked me again...

  • A version of Football Manager/Championship manager from early 2000's
  • Civ 4
  • Stars!
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Feud
  • Bomberman
  • Worms
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@earlessshrimp said:

@veektarius said:




If sticking to a "Roguelike", Nethack or Don't Starve if you wanted it to be something more stream friendly. If sticking to games in a genre I haven't given a good go at Football Manager.

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The only speculation I will make is that I think/hope the videos will be Wind Jammers inspired.

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If every there was a single man who epitomised fighting for what you know was right despite insurmountable odds.

Now you are truly free.

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@mosespippy: Just tried that, sadly it checks my PayPal billing address when you try to add funds. So looks like I'll have to pop to ebay to buy a US PS network card.

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Might have to create myself a US PSN account just for this.

Is PSN Cards still the only way to get funds in to a US PSN account?