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Thank you Jeff for doing your part to help resolve this ugliness. I've always been proud to call myself a gamer because to me it meant being a part of a community of people who loved to play games as much as I do. I hate seeing the term move farther and farther away from that message towards something so vicious and hurtful. As is common with the internet, it feels like a minority, extremist group is trying to present their voices as part of some greater whole. I can only hope those game developers who have been affected by their harassment and threats can realize that the vast majority of our gaming community do not agree with all of this abuse and stand by those strong enough to weather this storm. Thank you to any game developers or others that have endured the gamergate nightmare, and to those that have had enough of all of it, thank you for at one point being apart of this great, and loving community, and I am so sorry for what you have had to deal with. Hopefully those that don't agree with the threats and harassment will continue to denounce it and show everyone, inside our gaming world and out of it, that gamergate is not the norm, not the majority, and not how our community acts as a whole.

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Always looking for more Trials friends and times to try and beat.

Gamertag: lvgarrett

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R.I.P. Guy was obviously a talent, but much more importantly, it is extremely sad to see someone still young pass away in the industry

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I have had something much worse. After about five min in from creating a character, computer black screens/hard crashes and have to restart. Was on the forums for about an hour, there are threads over 100 pages long of people having their systems hard crash like me. Apparently it's been going on for about a week, I just got the game today but haven't been able to play at all. It sucks. Anyone have any ideas? I think it is a problem on BW's side.