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Great list. I've played all of those games and if I made a top 10 I'd definitely have to include Shadowrun, Baldur's Gate 2, Deus Ex and Bioshock too. Like others have said Shadowrun was my route into the Cyberpunk genre and after playing it I also bought the Shaowrun source books (as well as Cyberpunk and Rifts). I played Shadowrun to completion recently and I really enjoyed it (I took all the screenshots and made the character profiles for the wiki) I'm glad to see others who hold this game up so highly because it's just amazing. I wasn't impreesed by the multiplayer shooter of the same name, that game was a huge waste of the IP.

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I think people complain because the first Left 4 Dead shipped unfinished.

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Looks well similar to the first one, can't they just do more DLC with new characters and scenarios.

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The game looks good but it's getting totally buried by its publisher. Several sites have cited a June 18-20 release date but unless you hunt high and low for this info you'd never know. There's barely any promo for this game and by the looks of it, if it ever gets released it'll end up being a commercial flop regardless of whether it's any good.

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Hey you should definitely stick with it, sounds like you will. The game is very tight from start to finish and it doesn't get boring at all. I put off playing this game for a while, I think it was because it's a unknown quantity, new francise and everything. Having played through it though I can say that I don't think Resident Evil 5 is going to come close to Dead Space (based on the Resident Evil 5 demo).

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I'm not getting my girlfriend anything for valentine's day but we're going to go out of the city for the day and go for a walk in the countryside. It's nice to spend time together on that day and maybe do something you wouldn't normally do, you don't have to buy things.

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brukaoru said:
"Hard to believe 3 years have gone by already since it's launch. Sucks for anyone who still owns a launch console and gets a RRoD now."

Yup that exact thing happened to me two weeks ago. Rather than go through the hassle of fixing it I just bought an Arcade console and slapped my old hard drive on it.
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Shadow said:
"I guess that gives me the oportunity to go into the next game with 9 charisma (last time I started with 1).  Needless to say, I wasn't winning many speach challenges."

There's a glitch in Big Town that allows you to keep passing the same speech challenge over and over thus earning the achievement.
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LiquidPrince said:
"But you can't comment on all Wal-marts because you've only worked at the one. My friend works at a Wal-mart and he's content with his part time job."

So then in oder to comment on all Wall-Marts you have to work at all of them?
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It's not worth having a 360 without a hard drive, the 200 and something MB of storage you get with the Arcade isn't nearly enough.