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Two thumbs sideways. 0

Not being a Halo fan and having not played the previous installments, I bought Halo 3 due to it being touted as "best thing since sliced bread" and the fact that it has been given high scoring reviews by the critics. I don't really see the justification for all the praise and adulation showered upon this game. I see Halo 3 as a fun and simple shooter with a good amount of modes and options to extend the lifespan of its simple gameplay. It's not revolutionary, the story isn't that great, but it's...

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Doom rocks, anyone who says otherwise will be banished to the sev 0

XBLA welcomes Doom to the 21st century and it's just as bloody as I remember it. Nostalgia plays a huge part in my high rating for this game because I love Doom and have done since the early 90's.In this incarnation we have four episodes of demon ripping gorefest replete with severed legs and crucified corpses nailed to walls of flesh rendered lovingly in iconic now-retro graphics with an amazing midi-metal soundtrack. AWESOME. Once you get used to not being able to look up or down and you learn...

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Contract killing has never been so much fun! 0

Hitman Blood Money is a great game. The level designs are interesting and there are many alternative solutions to each of the assignments. One of the stand out missions for me is "A New Life" where Agent 47 has to take down gangster Vinny Sinistra who is under FBI protection at his house within a west coast gated community. You can take it methodically, poisoning the donuts, rigging the BBQ ect or maybe man the treehouse next door and use it as a sniping position, or just get the garden shears a...

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If you like Cricket don't play this game. 0

Brian Lara ICC Cricket 2007 is a dismal attempt at rendering cricket on a console. Every aspect of the game is grossly undercooked and near broken. For example the limited statistics where in a test you can't  view the scorecard of the 1st innings whilst you are playing the 2nd innings, there are no wagon wheels or other stats that cricket fans adore. The feilding controls are terrible, the game gives you no heads up whatsoever that you need to press a button for a catch which is unfair, unreali...

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Assassin's Creed is an ambitious but disappointing effort. 0

The premise for assassins creed is great, a stealth game set in medieval Jerusalem. if it's done authentically with attention to detail then that in itself could be the makings of something special. Why add American scientists probing DNA strands to trace the lineage of the assassin back to relive his ancestors memories?...I have no idea. For me this clumbsy plot mechanic totally spoils the immersion into the rich game world that is set out before Altair. Then there's Altair himself, why is he t...

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