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I'm somewhere between skeptical and burnt out on microsoft's futuristic tech endeavors.

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Memory of a Broken Dimension.... oh wow did that video just figuratively punch me in the face.

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Ah, crap. I really do not like giving Gawker Media my time, attention or clickthroughs. It's one of the reasons I stuck with Whiskey Media sites. No offense meant to Patrick or anyone else that works at Kotaku, but damn this makes me feel kind of conflicted.

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Aw, crud. I know that in times like this, it's horribly selfish to focus on my own upset versus someone starting a new phase but dammit it sucks.

The staff of this site is one that really succeeds in getting you to feel close to them. Patrick, perhaps more than others due to his "new guy, then opinionated and passionate guy" status had to overcome more to make that success happen for me. As a premium member and consumer of content, I want to acknowledge that. In the end, I'm glad whatever fraction of my membership went to fund your spot as well as happy that my time and attention went into taking in your work. I rarely, if ever, left disappointed.

Thanks, @patrickklepek, for following your passion and ending up making me enjoy things a little more as a by-product. Here's to you.

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@meatball: Well that just became my new favorite thing.

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Nintendo: Yesterday's problems, Today!

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So... how much does a mainstream publisher putting on a game on steam cost them? Other than pushing their own platforms, I can't imagine anything else that would make them decide to fragment the market like this.

I mean, I personally use steam since I can buy those gift cards so I don't use my credit card for impulse buying, which Origin or Uplay won't let me do to the best of my knowledge. I wouldn't mind Uplay or Origin, outside of the mild inconvenience of having another app taking up space on my PC, if I could do the same with them.

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Well this seems really weird.

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They're "wrapping up development" and just now they're cancelling some platform versions? Wouldn't they have to had made some concessions/changes to their development to accomodate last gen already? Or am I just reading that wrong?