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@meatball: Well that just became my new favorite thing.

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Nintendo: Yesterday's problems, Today!

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So... how much does a mainstream publisher putting on a game on steam cost them? Other than pushing their own platforms, I can't imagine anything else that would make them decide to fragment the market like this.

I mean, I personally use steam since I can buy those gift cards so I don't use my credit card for impulse buying, which Origin or Uplay won't let me do to the best of my knowledge. I wouldn't mind Uplay or Origin, outside of the mild inconvenience of having another app taking up space on my PC, if I could do the same with them.

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Well this seems really weird.

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They're "wrapping up development" and just now they're cancelling some platform versions? Wouldn't they have to had made some concessions/changes to their development to accomodate last gen already? Or am I just reading that wrong?

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If I purchase the sunset overdrive bundle, there is a real possibility that all my consoles will be the same color. That prospect kind of frightens me.

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I can honestly say that I did not see that coming.

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@sanj said:

Update: 9-Oct-2014

Master Tracksuit. He's a Master of medicine.

I want someone to put this on a T-shirt so I can purchase it

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I've got nothing but admiration for Jeff.

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"It’s not about the money," he said. "It’s about my sanity."

Well, yeah. Having a lion's share of 2.5 billion will make everything not about the money real quick.