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That ninja looks like my old psychology professor.

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I thought Assassin's Creed was boring after 2 games, I can't imagine this having more of a lifespan for me than that.

I don't think they're just going to let this nemesis system technology sit and rest, though. There will definitely be sequels (especially with the reviews they're getting).

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I feel like they should have pushed this with the loot cave fix and not after, but maybe the loot cave fix was a lot easier. Short of make loot drops ridiculous this seems like the solution they really needed.

The changes to daily and weekly heroics also seems incredibly good for the casual players who just like to log in and do a strike or two and than go do something else. Now they can feel like their time is being rewarded with the game which the game was lacking before.

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Nice, slowing player growth. Sounds like exactly what Destiny players want.

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One of the bigger changes to the game is the removal of Endurance as a stat you can put points into. From what I remember the only way to increase your defense is through buff spells or gear that increases your hp. Really its only a problem toward the beginning of the game when you have relatively few options for dealing with demons.

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Titan was just Blizzard's attempt to summon Sargeras to Earth as a promotion for WoW.

Congrats everyone, the Earth is saved.

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I really liked Dawngate, its simplified even compared to LoL, though. Its 2 lanes and has a similar unlockable system as LoL, but theres a chance to get characters for free through how it distributes end game rewards. Its generally a much quicker game because most, "Shapers," don't have a resource to restrict skill use. If LoL isn't doing it for you, and you don't want to play Dota, this or Strife are a good choice. Strife is probably the closest balance between LoL and Dota there could possibly be.

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I really liked Dark Souls 2 and probably still do. I don't feel comfortable naming it my goty because even in 2011 I didn't think Dark Souls was my goty.

Fuck it, Fallout: New Vegas is my game of the year.

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Its a lot easier to go to something familiar than make something entirely new. They already know how to make shooters (if I remember correctly the Respawn guys worked on military shooters even before CoD), and their fans know what to expect from them in that area. Destiny specifically feels like a game that Bungie would make even if not all the mechanics are in place from Halo. Its ultimately the safest thing they could do.

I think Edmund McMillen had similar things to say about why they chose to do Super Meat Boy coming off of Meat Boy for Newgrounds, I just can't remember where.

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I could see a situation where Destiny or Watchdogs are most disappointing and also somewhere on the Game of the Year list. We're running out of big released this year.

Maybe expectations this year are higher than what the industry seems capable of delivering? Or it massively over promised.