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I never hear anything but hate for peeps, yet for how much they sell somebody has to like them.

I don't think I'm buying -all- of them.

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When nobody is home I dance around the house instead of walk.

When I'm with other people I pretend I'm incapable of dancing at all.

I also get incredibly uncomfortable around drunk people, and generally feel unsafe.

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Not really gaming in general, but some games sure.

Some games aren't very worthwhile to play through. I can understand why people don't like playing MMOs, they're literally time sinks. I generally don't like games seem to put very little value on the time and money I've put in them. I've played a few of them and kind of wish I didn't.

On the other hand gaming has been a really good way to stay connected with distant friends. Its a good way to unwind and relax. There are some worthwhile stories and entertainment in gaming.

If at any point you think you'll regret gaming, or its not worthwhile to you stopping is the absolute answer. I don't think video games are any different than books, movies, or tv, however, and as a purely entertainment piece its a decision we have to make ti engage it.

I don't expect I'll be playing video games my entire life, to answer that side of it.

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I think context really matters. There are some people who are more sensitive about their weight than others and being aware of that is important. I know its cool on the internet to be all, "I'm going to be honest and fuck other peoples feelings!" but if its an issue the people who really care about them will find the right way to bring it up. By talking to somebody who is overweight and bringing it up you're not necessarily helping them, you're probably being more hurtful than helpful.

If you're talking about with close friends or something like that, I don't know why you can't call them fat. Bring that up with them.

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I've lost several friends who have tried to steal from me. Its very difficult to stay friends after you've called the cops on somebody. Ultimately only two I've known in the last ten years I've only been friends with two people who haven't tried stealing from me, which might sound like maybe I'm just paranoid except everything turns up after the police call.

@therealmoot You're probably better off without having friends who want to kill you. Thats pretty disgusting.

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Naoto is definitely treated better than Kanji is in the story, but thats mostly because I wish they did more with Kanji (and cut out those really lame gay jokes).

The entire game left a really poor taste in my mouth about Yosuke more than how they wrote Kanji and Naoto.

I also thought Yosuke's motivations were really lame.

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Well, this is the ad they tried to sell it to you with.

It even has some gameplay in it.

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@gaminginpublic: Did he kill your dog? Is that the reason behind this weird outburst of anger?

I know Phil isn't the most hated person in the world, but I don't often see people so passionate about it.

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Bloodrayne has always felt pandering toward a demographic I don't belong to. It probably won't be terrible. I usually enjoy Arc System Works games (at least, all the ones I've played) but given the past of the franchise I'm only slightly curious as to what this is.

I'm sure there is a group of people out there stoked that something like this is happening, however.

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@karkarov said:

@veektarius said:

I couldn't name a Final Fantasy after 7 that was sexist in any way.

Lulu is a bit much, X-2 is also slightly weird in this regard. That said... I wasn't aware FF1-6 were sexist? Or does all it take is having a few dancing pixel girls in a bar?

Seriously though pick up Persona 3-4, neither of them are sexist in any way.... Well I am sure some ultra prude could find something to complain about but you know what? They would probably find something to complain about in any game.

I think it would take some incredible leaps in logic to claim they are. FF6 alone contains several accounts of incredibly strong women. Final Fantasy 1-3 are a little different, but definitely not offensive.