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The Hot Spot has been dead for eight plus months yet it still has a link on the main site. Quoted for truth has existed for eight plus moths, but the only promotion I've seen is from people posting on Giantbombs forum because Ryan was on it. I'd hope they're still paying Tom to spend time recording the show, so I am mystified why they don't provide the most basic link to the shows existence. At this point I wouldn't be suprised to discover they are recording it in their own free time off the clock.

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Beards are awesome, so yes everyone should be bearded. Especially if you don't have a girlfriend of significant other. Take the time to grow a mountain man beard while you gave the chance!

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I know maybe this isn't a Giant Bomb relevant topic, but I can't help ask where the fuck are the links on game spot for Quoted for Truth. A giant bomb tread pointed me to an episode featuring Ryan, but I'm confused by the lack of links on gamespot to the show that Tom and other game spot editors have clearly put a lot of effort into. I know episodes exist from searching on google, but otherwise I can't find any direct link on game spot. WTF.