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Yeah, I'm tired of open world games too. They seem inherently more of a meandering form, made to squeeze hours out of the player. As I get older, my time is increasingly precious. I will play large games if they are dense and packed full of worthy content (Souls, for instance, or Witcher 2 since it was free of the meandering open world bullshit,) but I'm not going to spend 60 hours travelling between side quests. Fuck your plain ass farm fields and woods.

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Possibly. The creative minds behind this are some of the people that I think are responsible for my perceived downfall of the FF franchise... So... Eh.. Maybe? Cautious optimism.

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Have you played Dark Souls 1 since the time of writing? DS2 is good but the first is a vastly superior game in a meta sense of being more cohesive; all the disparate elements that make up a video game are far more unified and it's generally the fairer game.

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I miss Witcher 2's tighter narrative experience. Skyrim influenced all these games to add garbage MMO style side content. Like you activate quick travel, really is this FF14. Im getting nothing out of this open world busywork they added. And yeah Witcher games always had that kind of side stuff but they're mandated more of that into the main quest line. If Im playing nothing but the main questline, there shouldnt be all these "go kill some wolves then I'll give you info" shit happening.

I absolutely agree with this so far. Still a fantastic game, but I think the open world nature of it hurts it overall. But then, I also don't think there are many open world games whose open worlds are truly justified and well done.

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Symptomatic of a larger issue. Not the cause. But yeah, I agree with the gist.

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You get out of it what you put in.

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Nothing is sacred anymore, eh?

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2007. Easily. Bioshock, CoD 4, AC1, Mass Effect 1, Halo 3...

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Honestly, they might have broken the game for me with this addition. There's nearly double the enemies in any given area now, but your weapons still degrade at the same rate (faster if you didn't play at 60fps previously), so it's literally impossible to kill everything between one bonfire and the next without going back to the original bonfire repeatedly to repair your weapon.

There are so many new enemies seemingly designed to prevent you from making boss runs, that you have to kill most of them on the way, and then you get to the boss finally and your weapon breaks halfway into the fight. I'd use a repair powder, but you can't get an infinite supply until the last quarter of the game, and they're seeming pretty rare otherwise (I've gone through all of mine getting through Heide's Tower). There might just be something I'm missing, but it really feels like they added too much without rebalancing anything.

The bosses are still all complete pushovers though, which just makes it an even weirder experience.

Yep. I know exactly what you're talking about re: enemies designed to prevent boss runs. I'm at Huntsman's Copse right now and they've actually taken enemies AWAY in some instances. I swear the run up to the executioner's chariot where there's the dudes on the poles has less guys. There's also one of those guys with the dark buffed staffs just before that, and originally there was 2 hollow adds to him, and now they're gone. So far the remixing feels really strange and inconsistent and I'm actually inclined to say that I think the original placements were mostly better. A lot of the changes feel like they were done for the fuck of it. Heide's is a really bad area for it. Going through there on this playthrough was agony. Pure unrelenting fucking agony.

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Yeah, there was only about 7 episodes directed by David Lynch in the original 2 seasons. But here's the thing about those 2 seasons.. Most of it was a bit shit. Totally forward thinking, outside the box, but still just disgusting soap opera cheese that was only ever rescued by David Lynch occasionally appearing to take the reins and inject genuine surrealism. Without him in the director's chair, I'm not really interested.