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Good old Mayhem.

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Will always be Conan.

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It would help me move past burning all those evil roots in my over priced copy of Alone in the Dark.

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I'm in standard and I haven't noticed this at all.

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The only issue is some of the Limited Editions are not shipping with the DLC card.

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What about the poor zombies? They have been attacked for years in video games and on film. Is it not time someone stood up and defended them?

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Getting kicked out of class for discussing the best camping spots in de_dust2 will always rank up near the top for me.

Edit: Forgot to add my xbox related moment. After getting one of the first models of the original I was about to head up stairs and hook it up but dropped it instead. There was a nice little awkward moment there.

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Fable 2, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout. Until then I'll be playing around with Dead Rising and some of the arcade games (still need to wait for my console to ship from the store though...).

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I dropped out. Colleges around me allow you to enroll as a "mature student", so all I have to do is write an assessment test to prove I'm not a idiot and off I go.

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I'm the type of person who'll listen to anything but I'll normally retreat back to Rock if I'm not in the mood to search for something new.