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Yeah, my apologies. I'm not 100% certain that second image is "Official".

Side note: Do you have a site you could point me to, that would take me through the basics (tools) of PS in depth? I know enough, just to be dangerous.

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Yeah, I really am looking forward to this game. I really hope it's as expansive as they're saying it is. *crosses fingers*

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I actually bounce between GB QL's, and TotalBiscut. I find that most often than not, they have an extremely stark contrast with one another.

One may get on the hype train, while the other has more of a critical view. The more recent one that comes to mind is Goat Simulator. Some may see it as a great time, and have a lot of fun with it. While others may see it as gimmicky, and not worth the money. I'm not saying this happens often, but it does happen.

I think having such a contrast like this, really does give you a larger view of the games, and in turn helps you make a better purchasing decision.

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I saw this new cover art, and created this post mainly just because I wanted to yell. ATREYU!!!!!


Maybe there's a hidden meta-game, in which you have to free a dragon named... Willy.

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That sounds pretty awesome.

I just started AC3, and the several hour tutorial/intro section is killing me.

Yeah, AC3 is torture. I was like Jeff, "When does this game start?!" haha.

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@rhaknar: Hmmmm. I may be talking out of my ass, but I think you can select previous missions from the Animus. I haven't tried it myself, I think I may have heard that on a bombcast, or the QL.

Yeah, the button prompts are a tad small, and they don't really stay on the screen for very long. I've had several occassions of trying to run up behind a guy, and stab him. Only to run right through him, lol