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I want another Syndicate., and not that crappy FPS bs we got, either. I just want to blow up some more egg cars!

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In so far as 1998 is carried by fantastic games and pure nostalgia, 2015 has zero chance to win in the mind of most video game pundits. Comparing years has always been dumb anyway. I prefer living in the present and looking forward to the future instead of wasting my time thinking about the past. I love me some old games. Deus Ex, mario games, final fantasy 6 are all fantastic but these, and other classics, certainly don't crack my top 10 of all time. Getting stuck with old ass games is a sure way to become a jaded ass. \rant

Also zelda isn't coming out this year. Deal with it.

100% agree. I'm seeing more and more people getting sour. I guess the major reason would be the fact that 30+yr old gamers - growing up, were used to huge changes in games every few years. Hence this is the reason why we see articles outlining specific, "game changing, games" in the industry that laid the groundwork for most of the games we have today.

I've found myself getting bored with everything that was coming out, and realized that I just needed to step back and take a break for a bit. I think only then, you can start to appreciate the newer stuff coming out.

Also, you can't compare a year past, with a year yet to come. It's just pure speculation vs. fact. It doesn't work.

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i dont hate everquest i have played them in past and enjoyed my time with them just dont think major issues with mmo genre can be fixed by adding sandbox.

my opinion on issue of mmo genre is that A combat has been same forever and relies on trinty and B the way content is often repeated or the ginding in the endgame. these are hard issue to solve.

but do appreciate that everquest trying something to save mmo genre even if not successful and i probably play it at some point.

and i too miss hardcore old school nature of mmo like ultima where lord British was stabbed and i would love someone to make new mmo like that just for fun of ganking people and crazy exploits people discovered in those old games.

I think you guys might take a look at this. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ I was a huge fan of early SWG BECAUSE you had to interact with other people, build relationships in order to survive. I think the term MMORPG got lost in translation somewhere down the line. Creating an SP game, yet touting how many players can be on screen at once. Yay?....

I was thinking about this last night, particularly about Jeff and minecraft. A lot of people want things spoon fed to them, rather than being captured by their imagination, like when they were a kid. Sure it takes a lot of work, and time investment but, I think the payoff is far greater in the end.

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1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Breath taking visuals, interesting gameplay without overstaying its welcome.

2. Risen 3 - Extremely clunky game but, there's just something about exploring that world. It's kind of like Two Worlds 2 in that way (visual only - TW2 had way better gameplay)

3. Farcry 4 - Best character animation, and texturing I've seen in a long time in an FPS. Never played CoD, so I can't fairly compare the two.

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This dumb argument, is dumb.

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Grabbed an Insurgency Key. Thanks!

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Game looks fantastic! My only two gripes with it (PC version) is that there's no rebindable mouse, the WASD system just seems out of place for a DA game. That, and sometimes the camera just freaks out so I can't keep track of the enemys.

Other than that, I can't wait to get deeper into the game, and dig into the multiplayer as well!

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Hey all my fellow Portlanders, and Oregonians! I was just trying to brainstorm some kind of get together, or event that we could start up here in Portland. I'm aware of the PDX LAN event that happens every year but, I'm not sure how many actual GB people are there as well.

Forgive me if my thoughts seem to jump around randomly. I made the mistake of drinking a 6X coffee from Blackrock at 4pm, and I'm still a tad "buzzed".

I've been thinking a lot lately about possibly putting together some type of game jam. Preferably somehow tying it in with the "Keep Portland Weird" slogan.
I know next to nothing about game design however, I would love to watch and learn.

Would anyone be interested in helping putting something like that together? We could even just set up some dates to meet at a local bar, just to get to know everyone, and share our passion for games in general. Let me know. I would love to get to know our local GB community!

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@dezvous said:

@hippie_genocide: I'm a huge Battlefield fan but I don't get the Bad Company fervor, is it just for the generally more interesting single player stuff? The multiplayer has been phenomenal is basically all of them which is what I care about most. Glad to hear they're going to take their time with the next proper BF game. Looking forward to Final Stand for BF4.

I just started playing BC2 again, and I think it's just the shear environmental destruction that you can do. BF4 touted the "leveolution" crap but, all in all, it was window dressing for a single map event. Same thing every match.

In BC2, if you see a guy run into a building, you can most likely blow out an entire wall and expose him. I think it boils down to what you prefer. Set Piece or Sandbox.