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Oh KOTOR 3, where art thou?...

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I don't pee or crap on my hands, so no. As far as being afraid of door handles and knobs, really? <------- (Public places I understand) Your own house, no.

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Oh God! Why is this a story? New journalists first time at a beach?

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@Xolare said:

@zyn said:

EDIT: Codes are valid within Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

I got two codes here:




Thanks, took the first one.

Edit: Whoops, thought this game was for PC. Didn't use any of them.

Hahahaha! Since when have keys been this short on a PC? :P

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Looks unanimous. The PC thing I mean. :P

Witcher. You''ll get a lot more bang for your "euro."

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I was wondering what the hell that picture they had up, was about! LoL. You should play this. Looks like a creepy FMV, no...

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Sweet! Sounds like a good step forward for actual "good" games.

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I'm wondering why we need a beta invite... Why not just release it, and have future patches?

Valve has the best community support I have ever seen. By that I mean, they're really involved and actually listen to fans. IMO

Also, steam.....

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@adambyrney said:

This will probably be better than the ipad but the sheep wont notice. I've started to realise all the expensive crap people buy from apple (and others) as if we are all CEO's.......when it is basically a twitter/youtube machine.

So yeah these tablets will be much more useful when they can handle/accomodate real work and content creation. Until then privileged white people will still have angry birds.

Exactly. I've been trying to get these things to run in tandem with Oracle. Not even trying to have Oracle on the thing, just trying to connect it to a remote cloud server to do a simple print job at local offices. Nope!

As far as this, "Until then privileged white people will still have angry birds" goes. I've seen people who can't even make their car payments on time, running around with these silly ass things...