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Sweet! Sounds like a good step forward for actual "good" games.

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I'm wondering why we need a beta invite... Why not just release it, and have future patches?

Valve has the best community support I have ever seen. By that I mean, they're really involved and actually listen to fans. IMO

Also, steam.....

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@adambyrney said:

This will probably be better than the ipad but the sheep wont notice. I've started to realise all the expensive crap people buy from apple (and others) as if we are all CEO's.......when it is basically a twitter/youtube machine.

So yeah these tablets will be much more useful when they can handle/accomodate real work and content creation. Until then privileged white people will still have angry birds.

Exactly. I've been trying to get these things to run in tandem with Oracle. Not even trying to have Oracle on the thing, just trying to connect it to a remote cloud server to do a simple print job at local offices. Nope!

As far as this, "Until then privileged white people will still have angry birds" goes. I've seen people who can't even make their car payments on time, running around with these silly ass things...

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Ultima 8: Pegan People give it crap but, it was my first exposure to RPG's in '94 I'll never forget how AMAZING it was, creating your own spells. Once I figured out how, that is......

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@MikeGosot said:

Ellen Page is hot.


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@Fozimuth: Thanks. I think I will start getting back into the R6 series, pre-Vegas.

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@Franstone said:

@m16mojo2: I'm surprised to hear that since we had the AI behaviors pretty nailed down by the end of the development of SWAT4.

All games ship with bugs but I thought that was pretty much a non-issue.

Fully patched?

This post has inspired me to re-install and play again...

I think it is fully patched, I'm not sure though. What was the latest version?

I have had some pretty awesome moments in that game. My experience with SWAT, & SWAT 2 - taught me that, if the weapon is raised above the waist, and or directly pointing at you or a hostage. You just "shoot that guy" as fast as you can. Kinda why I hate Hollywood cop shows/movies. I'm screaming at the TV when the suspect has his gun raised and aimed at an officer, and they "try to talk him down" ughhh..

Anyway, I love it when I only have a split second to choose to shoot or not, Guy has a gun at his side, I shout at him to get down, if I have enough time, I try to shoot his hand so he drops the gun, then rush in with beanbags until he cooperates.

Great game, I wish a new SWAT would come out.

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@Fozimuth said:

Counter-Strike is still about shooting dudes in the face, not exactly planning and coordinating a hostage rescue. But if you haven't played Rainbow Six 3, I'll give another vote to that one. Again, Counter-Strike doesn't fit his criteria at all.

Thank you! At least a few select people know what I'm talking about. You would have thought that me trying to play SWAT 2 would have been a HUGE hint. Also, referencing the R6 series. I wan't something tactical.

Counter-Strike is to hostage rescue, as GTA is to precision driving...

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@xobballox said:

Rainbow Six Gold Edition (Raven Shield + Athena Sword) is on Steam for 10 bucks and runs fine in 1080p on my Windows 7 machine. It looks kind of decent-ish too.

So goddamn fun.

"It looks kind of decent-ish too." LoL, Touche. I'm not going to try and spell that with the right "E" either.

Thanks. I'll check that out!

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@FancySoapsMan said:

Have you the rest of the SWAT games, particularly 3 and 4? Sounds like you'd enjoy them.

Yeah, I have the 4th one actually. I've been playing a bunch of that lately. It's pretty janky in some aspects though. By the time they get the FB prepped and thrown after they have the door wide open for about 5-6 seconds, they're either all shot down, or the enemies just run off. Of course, my instinct is to just run after them, aaaaaand I get my ass handed to me. I guess FPS aren't that great for those type of situations.