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It really depends on the game really. South Park was fine at 30fps because it didn't require quick,decisive action. Need for speed rivals however, 30fps wasn't enough time for me to react to the action on screen. Think of all of the minute adjustments that you make with the wheel as you drive. If you cut half the speed of what you were seeing on the road, you would be swerving like a mad man. It's said that fighter pilots are able to see up to 255fps. It really does depend on the action of the game, and what your reaction time needs to be.

I prefer 60+fps. I may be bias because I've been a PC gamer, after the SNES.

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Here's my question... What happens when 4k televisions become the standard? It's not that far off, in my opinion. What's more concerning is that these consoles are at the very beginning of their lifecycle, and their barely able to hit 1080. Are we going to have to suffer with an upscaled 900, or 1080? I feel like we've hit a wall with regards to the leap in console tech. Seeing some of the launch titles on 360, and ps3 compared to xbox, and ps2 was like night and day. I'm not seeing anything "amazing" with xone, or ps4.

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I almost had to re-purchase Half-Life because my computer had crashed, and I'd lost the disc & case with the serial number on it. Steam had just launched, and luckily (oddly) my Blue Shift CD-Key worked for some reason, both giving me original HL, and O.F.

I've thought about getting Diablo II again but, I realize I may be seeing that game through rose tinted glasses, and I don't want to ruin my fond memories.

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@m16mojo2: That looks great.

It does but not THAT great. The meshes are obviously pretty low poly and colours are way too vibrant outdoors.

Yea, thats what always puts me off those EMB's, the color saturation outside is way to high.

Yeah, I've tried quite a few ENB presets. The exposure on some of them, does hurt the eyes. I try to find ones that are high fantasy though, because personally, I love really vibrant colors. The pictures of Whiterun are of the first presets I used, way too high contrast.

You mentioned low poly meshes. Do you know of a good place to grab newer ones, besides Nexus, or maybe an author on Nexus I missed?

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Not sure if these have been done to death but, modding Skyrim with 4k parallax textures, and ENB presets. I've been pretty spoiled on jaw dropping graphics. I can't wait until these next gen (current gen) games will be able to compare to a 3 1/2 yr? old, modded game.

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I can't recall if the game had motion blur but if it does, turn that off. I will never understand why games have motion blur and why you would what that.

I love when games have motion blur, it makes the graphics look so much more real. Crysis uses motion blur to great effect, and most people say that game had the best graphics ever when it came out. P.T. also uses it a little too, and that game also looks incredible.

The reason it makes it look so much more real is because in real life we see motion blur all the time. The only thing as humans we ever see completely clearly is what is right in front of us and still, any movement of our head blurs its just how it works..you don't notice it because you've lived your whole life seeing that way...but try reading a small sign while spinning around and your head still..it's blurry.

"you don't notice it because you've lived your whole life seeing that way" This is why it makes a lot of people sick. Our eyes have adapted to motion blur IRL, so when a game does it on purpose, our brain doesn't really know how to deal with it because no one single object remains static. Just scrolling down this forum at a fast rate, makes me a bit queazy.

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I usually use a controller with 3rd person games, and sit back a bit from the monitor. Maybe see if Vsync on/off helps?

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I am following Cynical Brit Gaming aka totalbuscuit.

You sir, have good taste.

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