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Is it just me, or has this "Destiny hype" been too much? I realize it's a big game, produced by an amazing dev but come on. Those of us without consoles, and general lack of interest regarding Bungie games based on the fact that they left the PC crowd in the dust ever since 2001. I've watched my fair share of the coverage, both on GB, and GS. It just looks like the most generic game to ever come out for a AAA.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there... I'm just curious if this has been delaying MGS. I could be completely off base, please don't be offended if you're really into Destiny. I mean no disrespect to you. I just need my fix man!!!!

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I was a Sr. in High School. I remember having a really bad dream about a week before it happened. I'm not sure if I actually remember planes being involved, or if over the years, the whole thing just got mashed together over the years. I do,however, remember huge explosions and destruction, and being jarred awake by it.

On the morning of 9/11, I was just waking up for school, and I had my radio on because I listened to Loveline religiously. Not 5 minutes of being awake, the first plane had crashed, and then I heard the second plane crash, live over the air. When I got to school, the halls just felt like a fallout shelter. People sitting on the floor, listening to the radio. Some crying, some just in amazement. It was one of the most somber and surel days, that I will never, EVER. forget

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@lawgamer: I'm with you 100% I loved that game to death but, sadly still haven't finished it. Something would come up, I'd be out of it for a couple months, and when I tried to jump back in, I had no idea what the hell was even happening. That time thing never even crossed my mind. That's probably why I got stuck when I tried to get back into it. That game has so much stuff you have to learn, perhaps a "Drew-like" notepad is required....

@edsone: Yeah, I was hoping (in addition to naming a game), people would post some ideas on how "padding" might be fixed as a whole. Perhaps that's just too broad of a question, and I'm not quite sure how it could be narrowed down.

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I've never noticed much real padding in open worlds. I don't really consider side content to be padding, unless the game forces you to do it to power up your characters. Which begs the question, is it still side content?

I don't speak for everyone on this. I think traversal is a really big issue for a lot of people. e.g. Mafia II... holy f***

You're right about the side content, especially in the Ubisoft games with the towers. I see one of those and either say, "well, here goes 15 minutes I can't get back" Or I just simply say, "Nope!", and quit.

That is the conundrum though - Is side content really "optional" if it strengthens your character, or gates the main content?

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I might add Enemy Front to this list. It's certainly not original in any real way but, the level design harkens back to the old days somewhat. You can be stealthy or loud, both work equally well, and the gunplay is satisfying.

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1. Hitman isn't Ubisoft and never has been

2. Bravely Default, fuck that game.

Crap, I knew I got one of those wrong.

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Sadly, I never had the chance to get into J-RPG's. I did have a nes, and snes growing up but, I wasn't much of a reader. By the time I did get my first taste of an RPG(western), the PC had gotten it's claws in me, and there weren't any J-RPG's out, at least none that I found.

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I was just wondering what the most egregious examples of game padding you guys have experienced, that have just flat out stopped you from wanting to finish the game.

The obvious examples (at least to me), would be most, if not all Ubisoft titles. Exceptions being, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Hitman.

Padding can be anything from, "drive, and or walk to point A - B". To extremely meaningless tasks that don't really move the story along. I would have to argue that Bioshock: Infinite had a TON of padding in regards to the many, many shooting arenas. If I wasn't so interested in what was going to happen next, I would have stopped a long time ago. In fact, I never finished the 2nd DLC because of this very reason.

What are your experiences, and thought's on what could be improved on these issues? I realise after writing this, that I am actually targeting story heavy games somwhat. However, I would still like your guys' input.

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Mother of God........