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That sounds pretty awesome.

I just started AC3, and the several hour tutorial/intro section is killing me.

Yeah, AC3 is torture. I was like Jeff, "When does this game start?!" haha.

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@rhaknar: Hmmmm. I may be talking out of my ass, but I think you can select previous missions from the Animus. I haven't tried it myself, I think I may have heard that on a bombcast, or the QL.

Yeah, the button prompts are a tad small, and they don't really stay on the screen for very long. I've had several occassions of trying to run up behind a guy, and stab him. Only to run right through him, lol

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Ahhh, the good ol' days of actual beta's. This should be fun! See you guys in the game!

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@trilogy said:

@canteu said:

@trilogy You replying like that? That is the exact same thing that you are admonishing. He presents an opinion, an opinion which incites anger due to its inflammatory nature. Then you return your opinion equally as inflammatory. Think harder.

No, I called it like I saw it. There's nothing wrong with hating on a game or getting excited about a game you love. There IS something wrong when you start starting insulting people's taste. It's childish and it crosses the line. Some of these people need to chill out in these threads. There's a lot of growing up that needs to be done as well.

Not to mention...

@canteu said:

CoD 4 must win this entire thing. If it doesn't you people are fucking morons.

I hope you were joking around here. If not, your criticism of my response is invalid.

I'm going to have to side with @canteu. Skyrim had pretty much zero impact on this generation.

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@seppli I'm not at all trying to make fun of the PS4. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit when you mentioned how much RAM it has. :) "It's got RAAAAAM in it!

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Hey guy's and gall's,

I don't use Origin Much, nor do I even know how this beta will be set up. However with that being said, I would very much like to get a group together, to whom I know won't be crude, or crass while playing. Well, within reason of course. What's a competitive game without a little trash talk among friends! :)

Only approx 30 minutes left until the flood gates open. Does anyone want to join me in trying to form up a group? Or if there already is one, please point me to it!

See you on the Battlefield!


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@demoskinos: Yeah, mines back as well. I guess I never encountered this before, so it seemed odd. I was worried when I saw what time it was (time of this post), and a thread on the Steam page that just read "Hacker".

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Does anyone know if something is going on with steam right now? Because this,

doesn't look good. I can't even connect. 12am PST.