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@FrankieSpankie: Really? I thought it was just all bots now. Thanks for giving me the server name! :)

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@Trains said:

Why can't the pre-order bonus be a gun :(

What gun would you prefer? I'd rather have a jet-pack! :P

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Would anybody be up to trying to get a casual group together, for a little TFC action?

I remember staying up all summer, playing until the sun came up. It was my first, online team based game I played.

In those days, it blew my mind to have so many people together at one time. I was used to playing Doom II, and Descent on dial up. One on One. Those were the days, lol. Now I feel old!

I just can't get into TF2 for some reason. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

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Dragon Age. The combat is so slow and tedious, I couldn't get into the story. It's weird though, I loved KOTOR & KOTOR 2 enough to play through twice. Also, I really tried to get into The Whicher, both titles. I started them both up, multiple times. Waited too long to go back and play them, and I had no idea what the hell was going on. Oh, the folly of RPGS....

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@MariachiMacabre: Are you from Portland?

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Also, thank you Giantbomb for your stalker tracker. I now have 10+ profile views. Doesn't creep me out in the slightest.

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@m16mojo2 said:

One sided political campaign ads on Gamespot? Seriously?

I was slowly warming back up to that site, ever since Jeff "left." (Actually the whole crew, including Gallup.) Allowing this crap has completely turned me off again.

Good job Gamespot...

There are two sided political campaign ads?

"Vote for Obama! If not, Romney is not bad either!"

Hahahah, I actually did "lol" at this. Nice!

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@murisan said:

Just ignore it.

What pisses me off is the sheer amount of money getting thrown at these godawful political ads. That money could be used for worthwhile things, like stimulating the economy or paying off the deficit. Instead, we've turned the election process into a goddamn popularity contest with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on marketing.

Idiocracy, here we come!

I think we speak the same language,

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@42manZ said:

@m16mojo2: Does it bother you that the Giant Bomb guys have voiced their political opinions in videos and on the podcasts?

Not in the slightest, and if they do, it's not "in your face" Except for Brad Miur, fuck Brad... LoL, j/k! :P

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@TooWalrus said:

@m16mojo2: People who don't have the Pirate Bay bookmarked right under their URL bar... I'm pretty sure the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is the best thing on television.

LoL, I'm sure the irony of recognizing that icon isn't lost on you. ;)