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@Rebel_Scum said:

The problem I had with ME3 level design (and to a lesser extent ME2) was how it catered the environment to cover based shooting big time. The amount of hip height unnatural looking walls/environment that sticks out kinda ruined the level design for me.

Yeah, same here. I think Mass Effect suffered from "The Matrix" effect. One was by far the best. Two was, eh. And three was, "Oh god, no more!"

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@Grasu: What do I need to do? :) Thank you btw. To whoever gets it.

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Reminds me of the 7th guest. I was WAY too young to even understand that game. Yet, ironically, I beat Police Quest: S.W.A.T. Go figure...

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Can someone help me complete the last co-op mission on easy? Why the hell they don't patch in a chat system is beyond me.

I have CP, so it's difficult for me to use any type of voice chat. I mean, you can understand me when I say simple words like, ok, yes, up, right, etc. Until you get to know me better. I'm willing to try! :)

Anyway, any type of help would be much appreciated. My Origin handle is "Addoryan" Give me a shout.

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I see a lot of games on here that are EXTREMELY new. I was thinking more like, games that changed your entire perspective on what gaming could be. So mine are,

3) Alone in the Dark '92

2) Commando's

1) Half-Life

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@Frostily: The more the merrier Frostily. Give me a couple of days to get my bearings? Perhaps you and I can get together this weekend, and Jrin can join us once he's done.

What timezone are you two in? I'm in PST -8.00

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@Jrinswand: Yeah, sounds good! That's kind of what my first thought was too, getting to know the controls, lay of the land, etc. So, a week sounds perfect. Thanks!

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Hey guys,

I stumbled upon some Youtube videos, where lots of crazy shenanigans ensued with a large group of people working together with headsets. So, I had played ARMA before but, never really got into it. Most likely due to lack of social interaction. So,I just bought ARMA II, and am currently in the process of downloading it, as well as DayZ. I was really hoping to find a group of people to play with. However, I have C.P. which really effects my speech. Once you get used to it, it gets a lot easier. In the initial stages though, you'l be able to understand simple one word responses, (yes, no, up, down, 6 o' clock, etc.) I can hear just fine, so I can follow along just fine. Following orders, that type of thing. And, worst case scenario, I'll just have to type it out if I can't relay it clearly enough over the mic.

I want to have fun with this! I know the GB community won't let me down!

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I have not owned a console since the mid 90's. I'm looking to pick up a PS3 because, I really want to play the Uncharted series.

Is a 20g worth $185? Also, would I be able to connect it up to my PC monitor? I'm pretty sure it has an HDMI port.