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hmm... interesting

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Sent my request.

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Played a little last night during the live show. My PSN id is m1k3ines.

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Still have lots of room on my list:


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Just got the game today.


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I got NFS with the promo. I was interested in Knack, but ill wait for some reviews and buy it digitally later.

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Psn: m1k3ines

Timezone: PST

Games: killzone, AC4, COD, NBA2k14

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After seeing those comments i just popped out the player. That chat was disgusting.

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Being an American, and a major Hatsune Miku fan (obviously with my avatar), and i was in no way offended with the quick look.

Japanese and American cultures are different. Both have different tastes in pop-stars. Japan has Miku, and America has Beiber.

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sucks it was delayed, but if it needs more work then so be it. Still anticipating Killzone.

Also some are forgetting that there are still great third party games. I'm looking forward to Ac4, COD, 2k14. And what about the indie games at launch? Resogun and Octodad are also interesting me.

Its not like the ps4 has no good games at launch now.