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@red_piano: I've played quite a few ranked matches this weekend and have 100% been matched with people who are way out of my league. I'm guessing the matchmaking has pushed away all the new players like me who are trying to learn and not get stuck in what seems to be infinite kombos.

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Hopefully Brad pays a little bit more attention than in MPP3. I remember he kept asking 'what does this do?' and screwed up Jeff from getting a star.

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Interested, but really don't want another generation of plastic instruments taking up space and no easy way to get rid of them besides just dumping them. Goodwill even had to stop accepting them.

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I'll probably start with Scorpion or Raiden first.

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Gamespot to Arrow Pointing Down to Giant Bomb. Simple as that for me.

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Bloodborne is my first true foray into the "Souls" series (played a small amount of Dark Souls 2) and so far I died only once and beat my first boss on the first try. I would say I am adjusting well, but I do expect to have a lot more deaths in the future.

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I can already see issues with Bloodborne and resuming in online mode. I anticipate it will either boot out back to the main menu or have you be in offline mode and have to exit out to get back into online mode.

Maybe they thought of this scenario already.

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They're working on a patch, who knows when well get it though.

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The controls feel fine to me. Then again I didn't play any other 'Souls' games besides a few hours of Dark Souls 2 (Couldn't deal with how bad the frame-rate was on PS3).

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ill try it.

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