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Im only a few hours into the PC version of the game and it's been running fine. It does look to be capped at 30fps though which it obviously shouldn't be, but it's completely playable.

I dont consider my PC to be on the high end, running on about a few years old hardware (Ivy bridge core i5 with a GTX 970).

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You could tell JV was genuinely sorry but also that Lang was genuinely angry. I feel sorry for JV but also that brought out one of the best streams ever.

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@werewolves: Could it be the GDC stream with Ed Boon? That's the first thing I thought of.

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They didn't ship the couch for nothing.

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The music is already written. The music will most likely be a combination of the orchestral scores that are being played in shows like Distant Worlds, piano compilations and remixed version like they did in Crisis Core. I'm leaning towards mostly orchestral music though since a lot of the songs have been orchestrated.

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The music from FFVII was one of the reasons I loved playing it. I didn't have a SNES growing up and missed that era of Final Fantasy games so FFVII was my first FF game when I got a Playstation. That's where my fanboyism for Nobuo Uematsu came from, and I still want him to do more video game music. Hey, I'm even going to Distant Worlds in LA tomorrow.

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It's a good move to include the controller, but what they should do is include PC hardware that can run the Oculus. Obviously they are trying to get the mass public interested in Oculus (and they will advertise the shit out of it on Facebook), but how many will have PCs that can run the Oculus. If I were to get one, I would basically have to do a full rebuild.

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Unless something changes at e3, it looks like games will only be exclusive to either Morpheus or Oculus, in turn splitting the audience. Though I could be wrong and there are 3rd party devs who are developing games for both.

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Ni No Kuni was my last GOOD jrpg I played. Really looking forward to some new IPs.

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It seems that all gaming outlets like the game, but how long will the hype last? I bought Advanced Warfare after how much Jeff was raving about it, and I did enjoy it for a few weeks until something else came out and I stopped playing it. After that I'm trying to resist all the hype for this game since it seems like $60 for a mostly multiplayer only game is too much of an asking price for me to afford right now.