First S-Rank

On Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: the Game. Damn, does it feel good. And tingly. And somehow depressing, knowing that my only S-Rank is from a downloadable game. Like a zombie, this S-Rank only makes me thirst for more. More, to feed my...addiction.


JRPG's are unappreciated.

...No, really. 
I tried my hardest to find someone within a 100 mile radius who has Dragon Quest 9 in order to try out its multiplayer functions. Turns out that the game is not really the biggest here in Texas. No surprises there, but still I feel that the gamers out here (wherever they are, I know we at least occasionally go outside) just don't see the appeal in JRPG's in general. Not to say I'm biased (I realize and understand that there are bland and cliche-ridden JRPG's out there as well, like Enchanted Arms for the 360 or Shining Tears for the PS2), but the only gamers I've met just so happened to be infatuated with the next line-up of FPS's. I like those kinds of games as well, but while I see no appeal in shooting the same exact AK-47 over at the same terrorists/aliens/zombies/nazis, the masses just continue to eat them up like Crawmerax eats up lead. I really hope one day Western gamers (both casual and hardcore) can put aside their differences and expand their gaming senses past their comfort zones, and finally I can express my feelings toward games like Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color or Nostalgia without shame or infidelity.