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Aside from the myriad of uninspired, forgettable, obscure JRPGs I've scrounged over the years (anyone remember Nostalgia for the DS? Or Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light for the PSP? No? Good), I have to say Far Cry 2 was memorable purely for its tedious gameplay systems (aside from the malaria, navigating the map and finding story objectives was frustrating to all Hell, and the respawning enemies on every checkpoint taking potshots at my vehicle were absolutely terrible to deal with). It was the only game I have on Steam that I was so tired of trudging through that I uninstalled it. I don't see how people praised it back in the day. Maybe I spoiled myself by playing through Far Cry 3 first (and loving every bit of it!), but its predecessor is a travesty of a game.

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I hope with this comes a revival of RBN. Even to this day there are a few songs on the RBN marketplace that are marked as "Currently Unavailable", forever trapped in release limbo.

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"OMG I bought a NES 30 years ago and now Nintendo is releasing a new Super Mario Bros. that I can't play! I feel tricked!"

Kids, please..

30 years ago ≠ 2 years ago.

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Good now maybe they'll put the fucking GBA backlog on the eShop on my 3DS and stop making "consoles" to compete with MS/Sony. Nintendo really fucked up with the Wii and the U, but the good news is they have always been the best at handhelds, so hopefully they give us fucking gameboy advanced games on the goddamn 3DS

If you really think they fucked up on the wii, then you're the one delusional here.

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Nice $ony, not everyone is a billionaire that can afford internet!

I really hope that "$ony" becomes the new "Micro$oft". I really do.

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I dunno, on one hand it'll be much simpler comparing prices of DLC and games, but on the other I thought the points had a kind of charm to them, like the xbox had it's own personal currency. Overall I guess this is a good thing.a

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ITT: 1%ers.

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Man, next they will be changing the name of the console to the ps4.

Or the PS One OH WAIT

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Ugh, on top of the already-unappealing over-the-top breasts (which honestly just screams PANDERING), the art style as a whole just is one big turn off. I get that it's supposed to be "cartoony" and exaggerated, but really there should be a point where it stops being a cartoon and starts being just plain idiotic.

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