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"It's gonna be a long wait."
I hear that, bro. :(
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@Uberjannie said:
" Oblivion always make buggy games. It's a well documented fact. I pre-ordered the game on Steam but decided to wait until the big patch to hit the wild. Turns out that next week I can play Fallout : NV :D "
Er, you mean Obsidian, right?
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It's a shame, really. I actually find myself connecting with Vinny's reviews more than the others' simply because he has a way with words that makes them sound less "critic-y" and more straightforward and blunt, which is perfectly fine to me. Also, he has a charming, off-beat sense of humor.

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Ugh...this quest set is killed. Even though we reached the 3000s, it can't be finished. If that one quest wasn't bugged, we might've done it...

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No, Yipes: I'm so Pringles.

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Viacom: Okay, you finished Dance Central and RB3 and made us filthy rich. Thanks! NOW GTFO
God, if Activision buys them...

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@Branthog:  Alright, man. I'm putting my arms up in defense here, 'cos I didn't come here looking for a tl;dr internet debate match. Just saying you should strengthen your apathy then, and live with it. It ain't going away for some time, whether we like it or not.
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I absolutely cannot stand the Zelda series. I've tried nearly every entry in the series. I've even tried Ocarina of Time- I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now. I loathe how every nintendo fanboy raves about the series when I lose interest of the game within 5 minutes; even my friends condescend me for hating it. Sigh.
Also, games are art. Counter-boom.

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@Branthog said:
" People who lose their shit over Star Wars baffles me. That and Star Trek have to be the most over-hyped, over-adored, over-beaten dead horses in history. The best way to lose my interest in ANYTHING is to say it has something to do with either of those things. Seriously, of all the fantastic movies out there to lose your shit over (which I don't really get in the first place), why Star Wars? Unless you watched it for the first time in 1977 when the world was different and it totally blew your fucking mind.  It's a mediocre story with decent special effects. I saw it once, when I was twenty (in the late 90s) and never felt compelled to see it again. The world would be a much better place if they took all the energy into making more bullshit Star Wars and Star Trek shows, movies, cartoons, books, comics, toys, clothing, posters, accessories, board games, video games, and so on -- and redirected it toward new things.  I mentioned somewhere else, recently, that I was pretty blown away by The Matrix when it came out. And Equilibrium is one of the greatest movies of all time. However, neither one made me crave endless streams of more of the same content or shirts, toys, games, and every other marketed product under the sun about them. They were fine movies and I moved the fuck on with my life.  Sorry if I sound a bit dickish.... but for fuck's sake people, it has been nearly 35 years! "
It's called a legacy, my friend. That, and cult following. If people like it enough, they'll pass it down generation-by-generation to share, securing its value throughout the ages. It's not about moving on, but rather watching a good fucking movie trilogy. Hell, there are other movies that receive the same treatment (and some are even older), but Star Wars has been accepted into popular culture (as we know it) nowadays; live with it.