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I hope everyone at Giant Bomb got together and conspired against Jeff by picking Limbo as all of their #1's. It would be funny as Hell to hear Jeff sounding flustered on the next Bombcast.

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@RsistncE said:
"Mindless fuckwads who play shit games like Call of Duty"
Your avatar and achievements confuse me.
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@CharAznable said:
"It's gonna be a long wait."
I hear that, bro. :(
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@Uberjannie said:
" Oblivion always make buggy games. It's a well documented fact. I pre-ordered the game on Steam but decided to wait until the big patch to hit the wild. Turns out that next week I can play Fallout : NV :D "
Er, you mean Obsidian, right?
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It's a shame, really. I actually find myself connecting with Vinny's reviews more than the others' simply because he has a way with words that makes them sound less "critic-y" and more straightforward and blunt, which is perfectly fine to me. Also, he has a charming, off-beat sense of humor.

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Ugh...this quest set is killed. Even though we reached the 3000s, it can't be finished. If that one quest wasn't bugged, we might've done it...

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No, Yipes: I'm so Pringles.

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Viacom: Okay, you finished Dance Central and RB3 and made us filthy rich. Thanks! NOW GTFO
God, if Activision buys them...

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@Branthog:  Alright, man. I'm putting my arms up in defense here, 'cos I didn't come here looking for a tl;dr internet debate match. Just saying you should strengthen your apathy then, and live with it. It ain't going away for some time, whether we like it or not.