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@believer258: I'm sorry- I was originally going to say Call of Duty, simply just to give an example of a game that's generally accepted to be on the shallow side in terms of storytelling, etc. (regardless of the quality of its gameplay). I changed it because I didn't want to call out any game specifically, out of fear of starting an off-topic argument (but I guess it might ignite an argument nonetheless). And of course I'd like to keep the discussion from going into the played-out debate of "games=art", and to just address the question at hand. Again, sorry about the confusion!

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Hey there Giant Bomb community. I have pondered this question ever since more games made by independent developers seem to be getting stronger representation in today's "mainstream" media, such as Limbo or Fez being promoted through Microsoft's various events. With this newfound attention comes more recognition among the general gaming community as a whole, and as such there are more people voicing their opinions on these indie games. What I have noticed (and no doubt most of you as well) is that there seems to be a rift within the community over whether or not a game is too "pretentious" to be enjoyable. My question is this: what exactly makes a game too "pretentious", and what are some of the ways developers can use in order to avoid being labeled as such?

I understand that video games are trying to explore new methods of interactive storytelling, and thus seeking to have a deeper, more metaphorical meaning as opposed to the typical modern first-person shooter, but where is the line drawn between being "deep" and being "pretentious"? I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences on this, as it's something I have struggled with ever since giving Jonathan Blow's Braid a try (and subsequently loving it). Thanks!

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As soon as I read your list I knew you've made a terrible mistake. Amped 3 is and always will be amazing; granted, the actual gameplay is meh, but everything else is absolutely mindblowing. I hope you don't consider it of equal quality to crap like Alone in the Dark or Kayne & Lynch. If you haven't seen it already, here's Giant Bomb's amazing quick look of it (warning: they mostly just watch the cutscenes [the best parts], so if you're actually going to play it you might want to save this for later).

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@rentacop: I thought I'd jump in here and rap with some peeps. How are you, mate? I'm from more south, so can't say I'm too familiar with that mystical legendary thing you guys up north call "snow", but I don't see too much wrong with ol' PA.

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You've travelled to Cybertown and back last Summer. This Summer, we've got a bone to pick with you... CYBERTOWN 2: BONETOWN. Summer 2013

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First off, yes, I think the statue thing was a stupid idea and they shouldn't have done it. I can't understand why anybody would want one of those things, and I admit I think it's really kinda sexist.

However, there is this thing called middle ground, Giant Bomb commenters. And just because somebody doesn't think this statue is as offensive as somebody else does NOT automatically make that person a sexist. I'm sick of the bullshit mud-slinging from both sides on this issue. You would think that we're all adults here, and can have a conversation that doesn't involve hyperbole and name-calling, but it's getting kind of pathetic.

@jsnyder82: Woah! I don't know if the internet is ready a for lucid and well thought-out reaction to such a divisive thread like this one. I mean how could you have the audacity to suggest that there could be voices that speak some ounce of truth on both sides of an issue or that there could be perspectives that even fall in the middle of an issue that could also have some validity. Pfffft. The nerve!

Yeah, fuck him. And fuck you too, buddy. Fuck all of us, really.

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@Hawkerace said:

Activision pls go

Bobby Kotick: no

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Fuuuuuuuck don't make me choose! I CAN'T DECIDE- I'M WEAK. I ADMIT IT. ;_;

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@TheMightySkullboy: Awesome, man! This certainly made my night. I found out about them through RBN, and I'd personally love to see more of their stuff on there, like from the album Kicks. It was such a pleasant surprise stumbling upon "Dance With Me", and after first listen I was hooked.

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Change it to "Ghost Rigs" & it's accurate.

If there was a mod that changed the zombies into killer trucks and popped up the YOU'RE WINNER screen when you died, then (and only then) would I consider buying it.