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Change it to "Ghost Rigs" & it's accurate.

If there was a mod that changed the zombies into killer trucks and popped up the YOU'RE WINNER screen when you died, then (and only then) would I consider buying it.

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Well damn, this game is just a hot mess, as it seems. Very glad I didn't buy it! Don't wanna support scumbag devs like these.

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Love the designs bro, but I just had to comment on your avatar- couldn't believe that someone else likes/has heard of the band Stewart, and for that you get an internet brofist from me.

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Thanks, Obama! Knew I voted for you for a reason- he brought change!

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Good thing I already have it...ON THE XBOX.

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The Visit is one tricky mofo- of course Tricky Scoops himself would recommend it.

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Well, he kind of has to embrace piracy. Considering his whole game is a pirated idea from an SNL skit, he would look like a complete hypocrite otherwise.

What where as EA and Activisions games are all totally original, innovative and not derivative of anything?

Name of SNL character-MacGruber

Name of game character-McPixel

MacGruber-Trys to defuse or get rid of bombs before they blow up

McPixel-Trys to defuse or get rid of bombs before they blow up

MacGruber-Name of main character flys out in big text at the end of the skit

McPixel-Name of main character flys out in big text at the end of each level

MacGruber-Has long darkish blonde hair

McPixel-Has long darkish blonde hair

Yes, you're right. EA and Activision's games have been derivative to a certain degree. Being derivative and being a blatant rip off, however, are two completely different things. If he can make a buck from people buying his game, more power to him, but don't ever call him creative, original, innovative, etc. Because he is NOT. He is just a guy who stole someone else's idea and is profiting from it. Oh, and yes MacGruber is a parody of MacGyver. SNL never claimed it to be anything but a parody.

Well perhaps McPixel is a parody of a parody; would that still qualify to you as a "blatant rip off"? SNL definitely profits off of parodies, and I'm sure their fans would think of them as creative, and not consider them stealing someone else's ideas.

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Check out all those dead consoles in the background.

>360 in background

oh, aren't you clever

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Some more stupid ideas I thought of while staring vacantly in my Poetry class: -blue waffles -apologetic pillow talk -furry conventions -diaper play -somalian pirates -drinking sperm for protein purposes -activating my trap card -inflation -never not exploding -footsies

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Kinect Killer Instinct...