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Well damn, this game is just a hot mess, as it seems. Very glad I didn't buy it! Don't wanna support scumbag devs like these.

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Love the designs bro, but I just had to comment on your avatar- couldn't believe that someone else likes/has heard of the band Stewart, and for that you get an internet brofist from me.

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Thanks, Obama! Knew I voted for you for a reason- he brought change!

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Good thing I already have it...ON THE XBOX.

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The Visit is one tricky mofo- of course Tricky Scoops himself would recommend it.

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Well, he kind of has to embrace piracy. Considering his whole game is a pirated idea from an SNL skit, he would look like a complete hypocrite otherwise.

What where as EA and Activisions games are all totally original, innovative and not derivative of anything?

Name of SNL character-MacGruber

Name of game character-McPixel

MacGruber-Trys to defuse or get rid of bombs before they blow up

McPixel-Trys to defuse or get rid of bombs before they blow up

MacGruber-Name of main character flys out in big text at the end of the skit

McPixel-Name of main character flys out in big text at the end of each level

MacGruber-Has long darkish blonde hair

McPixel-Has long darkish blonde hair

Yes, you're right. EA and Activision's games have been derivative to a certain degree. Being derivative and being a blatant rip off, however, are two completely different things. If he can make a buck from people buying his game, more power to him, but don't ever call him creative, original, innovative, etc. Because he is NOT. He is just a guy who stole someone else's idea and is profiting from it. Oh, and yes MacGruber is a parody of MacGyver. SNL never claimed it to be anything but a parody.

Well perhaps McPixel is a parody of a parody; would that still qualify to you as a "blatant rip off"? SNL definitely profits off of parodies, and I'm sure their fans would think of them as creative, and not consider them stealing someone else's ideas.

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Check out all those dead consoles in the background.

>360 in background

oh, aren't you clever

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Some more stupid ideas I thought of while staring vacantly in my Poetry class: -blue waffles -apologetic pillow talk -furry conventions -diaper play -somalian pirates -drinking sperm for protein purposes -activating my trap card -inflation -never not exploding -footsies

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Kinect Killer Instinct...


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Here's some of my dumb ideas:

Hackers on steroids

Being the kid who's uncle's in Nintendo

A mother's swollen teat

forgetting the safeword

Discreetly mailed dragon dildos

Seasonal themed fleshlights

Supersoaking dat hoe


The Konami Code

Crazy cat ladies

Those fucking medusa heads

Disgruntled Apple fanboys

Celebrating your birthday on 9/11


Who's that Pokemon? It's _!

It's insane how much fun coming up with these are.