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Yeah I hear ya. We're kind of in this unfortunate dilemma where the audience has been split in half, and with the way Capcom's been doing I don't think making two games is remotely possible.

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Yeah, I highly doubt that is going to change in this addition, but fleshed out Dante levels would be my dream. Even if they're in the same areas but just contain new paths could be a boost.

Still, this is the weirdest remaster I've seen as this game is way closer to the console launch than the console end. I guess in a way, that means it's more deserving of a remaster than stuff that came out at the end. Kinda would have preferred a Dragon's Dogma that ran at 1080p/60fps though.

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Oh god, that's my favorite idea now. I'm going to go release something on early access with the only selling point being "Might be Frog Fractions 2."

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Hot dang, that's some good stuff. Gonna track down the rest of that. I want to like that game but when I played it on one of the free weekends I found the gameplay to be so slow and the few missions I played amounted to defending a drill and pressing 'e' on it because it would stop working. I do hear you can do stealth playthroughs though, which does grab my attention, still just never really clicked.

Also, one I haven't seen mentioned is Driveclub (#Driveclub?). I haven't played it, but it's got a fantastic soundtrack.

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My Clementine may be too sleepy to wish you a happy 1 year anniversary at Giant Bomb, but I certainly will. Thanks for being awesome Rorie.

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Arguably The Last of Us deals with themes of betrayal and the desire to be alone in the world.

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@avenlaya said:

I really dont remember a whole lot of quick looks recently, but the one I've been really go back at, jsut for the first minute of it is Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Instant classic when Jeff just decides to leave at the start!

Oh MAN! I hadn't watched that. That was...perfect.

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I found Sly 4 kinda disappointing. I think part of the reason I found it so lack luster was that I had played the three previous games in a row right before playing it, and going through it, it felt like an inferior copy of something you really love, like margarine to butter. I mean it has all the parts of a sly game, but everything just felt flat and ended the game ended up being a chore to play through for me.

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Michael Transactions or Edge Casey.

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Hey thanks for bringing this up. This looks pretty interesting.

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