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Hot dang, that's some good stuff. Gonna track down the rest of that. I want to like that game but when I played it on one of the free weekends I found the gameplay to be so slow and the few missions I played amounted to defending a drill and pressing 'e' on it because it would stop working. I do hear you can do stealth playthroughs though, which does grab my attention, still just never really clicked.

Also, one I haven't seen mentioned is Driveclub (#Driveclub?). I haven't played it, but it's got a fantastic soundtrack.

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My Clementine may be too sleepy to wish you a happy 1 year anniversary at Giant Bomb, but I certainly will. Thanks for being awesome Rorie.

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Arguably The Last of Us deals with themes of betrayal and the desire to be alone in the world.

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@avenlaya said:

I really dont remember a whole lot of quick looks recently, but the one I've been really go back at, jsut for the first minute of it is Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Instant classic when Jeff just decides to leave at the start!

Oh MAN! I hadn't watched that. That was...perfect.

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I found Sly 4 kinda disappointing. I think part of the reason I found it so lack luster was that I had played the three previous games in a row right before playing it, and going through it, it felt like an inferior copy of something you really love, like margarine to butter. I mean it has all the parts of a sly game, but everything just felt flat and ended the game ended up being a chore to play through for me.

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Michael Transactions or Edge Casey.

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Hey thanks for bringing this up. This looks pretty interesting.

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Guys, I have a slight addiction to gif threads. And to try and contribute to the Giant Bomb stuff, here's my favorite GB gif I've found.

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@will_m: Thanks man. I had tried to make one, but couldn't get the tongue right, or the smile, the whole mouth really. Your's looks great.

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