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#1 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Loved it. I had tears in my eyes twice so involved do you get with the developers and their pretty incredible stories.

#2 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

@Branthog: Honestly, it's more creative to come up with this than the 1,000th shooter in the past 5 years.

#3 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Congrats dudes, hopefully even more people will get to see/hear/feel your awesome content now!

#4 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Not sure if I will be able to resist, because I think I want to wait for the rumored, sort-of-confirmed console version...

#5 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

@Demoskinos: D'oh... As I said, it was getting late! :D

#6 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Can't go to sleep on Tuesdays without the Bombcast! 01:00 AM already here in NYC....

#7 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Before the weekend would be perfect in my opinion. Most sites I read are - understandably? - completely dry on Saturdays and Sundays, but that's when I have the most time available. I would certainly browse through the articles you post and see if the headlines spark my interest.

#8 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Played for one month and got two characters up to 20, but console gaming is just so much more appealing to me these days...

#9 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

Bought this for my girlfriend's DS as a present a couple of months ago with the hidden agenda to play it after her. Just started it last week now and it is pretty awesome!

#10 Posted by M3rlin (69 posts) -

@Landon: From the very first episode I constantly had to think of Patrick when Misfits' Nathan appeared! He even has the silly gestures of a beanpole like Patrick! :)

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