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I started with two. Umbreon and Espeon from Coliseum. To this day I still have them with me through transferring. Boo-ha.

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I signed up for this thing. I am ready to sic some cartoon monsters on people.

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I'm not sure how I've never seen this thread before. If it isn't too late to sign up, I'd totally be down for some fights.

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Dude, yes. Cmon.

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You don't need a fancy-pants stick to have good execution. I use LB-dive and A-kick on a regular 'ol Xbox pad and the stuff he does isn't particularly difficult, the timing's just tight. Once you practice it enough and learn the rhythm, it'll be easy to pull off like 7 Marnetos before you even touch the ground. Stream's meter build trick requires plinked double jumps, so it's something I had to learn early.

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I'm a firm believer that Stream is a secret high-tier, and that Shoals is a month-one top tier who will quickly descend the ranks as people start to realize she has rather blaring weaknesses. Stream has the fastest meter build in the game, gets a free round after a headshot on every character but S-Kill and Redacted, can out-lame every character for a time-out due to his ability to stay at the top of the screen with his flame bait, and the flame-bait special can be used as a Mr. N Marneto, a Kenny angel-shot-style delay, and a MarkMan bounce-pad. He is a monster.

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Great tournament! Congrats to @handsome_phil and @esrever for making 3rd and 2nd, respectively, and to @fluxwavez for winning his own tournament and sending me home with my second 4th place in a row. Good times, good games! Enjoy your loot!

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I really really like this game. I told myself since his announcement that I'd main Stream, but damn, he is weird to use. Still going to stick with him though, I feel like he can be a real monster if used right.

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I love this game! Despite not being very good at it, I'd like to enter this tournament.

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I genuinely think all of you are awesome.