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Play more Final Fantasy. Seriously. 

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Turn off my iPod. Let it hang in there for an eternity.

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Eh this is getting bizzare. Point me some games that base heavily on Japanese mythology? In my experience fantasy JRPG's mostly consists of mishmash of all sorts of religions and cultures which vary from Scandinavian mythos (Valkyrie Profile) to Middle Eastern influences (Final Fantasy XII). 
Also most of the inspirations in Western fantasy settings can be pointed to Anglo-Saxon / Germanic / Celtic mythologies.

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JRPG. I like both but I can count WRPG's that really stayed with me by one hand. I just like many more titles from the eastern side compared to the west.
I  vastly prefer interesting and deep combat systems over awkward shooter wannabe's or just bizzarely weird compromises (V.A.T.S really?). Games like Fallout 3 managed to make me keep playing (and loving) them because of the immersion setting provided but gameplay didn't really do anything for me. On the other hand I really enjoed old-school combat of Dragon Age but the standard super generic fantasy world made me yawn a little and the focus on "adult" themes like over-the-top blood splatters and sex was just handled embarrassingly. I do still give some credit to the choose your own adventure -book style of "role playing" that these games hold on to. But I'd still take a interesting, well written, story and characters over them. Mass Effect compined them the best and if the gameplay improves greatly in the sequel might end up being one of my favorites.  Neither genre has had little to do with tabletop roleplaying for a couple of decades so people should really let that argument go.

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@King9999 said:
" The fact of the matter is, Demon's Souls doesn't appeal to a wide audience, so not everyone is going to like it.  Remember who published this game, what they specialize in, and what their business model is like.  The only thing that bugged me was that GB put down DS as a nominee for "Weirdest Game," which made no sense to me.  What's weird about Demon's Souls? "
I think that statement underplays Demon's Souls quite a bit. True, it's not for everyone. There isn't a game for everyone. It's an action RPG which happens to try some new things for the genre. It's not like it's some super niche game crafted for a certain small segment of the audience out there. Yes it's hard but many other games are too.  And it's proven to be a commercial and critical success. Haven't seen many people disappointed by it after playing it.
I'm just one of those guys who think it's pretty sad that my favorite gaming site didn't even bother to review it when they find time to write about such widely anticipated titles like Rogue Warrior. In my opinion it's games like Demon's Souls which deserve some attention. Well at least we had a lengthy quick look. But I'd still gladly take even a negative but honest, informed review with it.
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@DarkShaper said:
" I don't like sports so even if this years Madden is the best Football game ever made I know I won't play it since I don't like football and I don't think people would give me crap for dismissing it because of that. So even if Demon's Souls is a fantastic game (Wouldn't know never played it) I would not expect people who don't like that kind of game to play it before saying that their not interested.  "
But if you reviewed games professionally wouldn't you at least try out years out-of-nowhere game that is winning awards left and right? I sure as hell would even if it was a sim racer or a Kingdom Hearts game.
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The point is not "it's their opinion", the point is their unwillingness to even try it out. As far as I know no one besides Vinny even played it. 
It's cool but when you look at what kind of critical acclaim it has achieved it should be taken to consideration when talking about PS3 games of the year. Why to even include it in the category (in GOTY podcast) if they're just gonna laugh at it and dismiss it as being crazy because it's not in their comfort zone?

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Oh yeah I'm in.

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That Megaman 2 song is so awesome.

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@Hitchenson: To push PC people towards Xbox 360?