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@bedouin: well im meggerzorg on steam if anyone wants to play since i don't really have anyone playing it other than one other friend

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There still people playing this on 02? i have a character tho im not massively high level

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well DMC fits the bill and has good support so that wont be an issue for you.

Just cause 2 if you haven't already played that to death.

Any side scrolling platformer maybe The Swapper will do well for you.

Darksiders 1,2

The Witcher 2

Brothers might be an interesting one will get your co ordination really going even for someone who use's controllers allot like myself.

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@bedouin: Been awhile but i did finally get around to getting Pso2 up and running just using the link damodar posted and it was very easy to get going and playing so thumbs up for it and i do quite enjoy the game.

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We've gotten near the point where we're about to get swamped with games to play, even if all the other games we had bought in the year and either never finished or never wernt enough already.

But i also find that i have some mild form of Ocd when it comes to watching Giantbomb videos when they are up for me to watch which has been getting in the way of me starting or getting into the rhythm of playing, no matter what it is even if its something i probably wont care about in general but obviously watch it anyway because i enjoy the videos for the crew, and with Patrick doing his own thing and in combination of everyone else pumping out so many videos for us to watch (which hay i love it btw) i always find myself putting that first on my queue of things to do and as a result never finish or even start playing anything at all some days.

Its more of a curiosity rather than me asking for help but how much Gaintbomb do you watch over the week? do you watch everything? do you just watch particular videos? do you watch just the premium stuff?

How do you manage your gaming and Giantbomb needs and fit it all in.

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so i have always been curious about this game and was kind of waiting for it to officially come out here and get some friends into it with me but seeing how things have been going it seems that's not going to happen for a long while.

After hearing about it on the podcast a bunch and knowing it needs fan made translation patch's and signing up with fake Japanese addresses id figure id give it a go getting it running or seeing if its decently comprehensible to play without having to faq check every little dialog for quests on some fan made wiki site although i expect some of it of course.

I haven't been following this game closely so wouldn't know where all the correct links or guides are for signing up and getting the patch's, so if i can compile all the links or sources id need it would help since i would be passing this information along to others as well.

So if someone can help me out and also tell me other stuff i would totally need to know getting into this game like what servers i should go to or just general hints everyone should know id much appreciate it.

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I had the issue but after just spamming my character to log in it worked after 5 or 10 mins and put me in the queue.

However there was other people that had the 9000 error which basically said they;re characters were logged in when they wernt. Also sucked they had to lock down most of the servers so people couldn't start playing with friends all on the same server with saved progress for launch, but at least they did add several servers so everyone could at least try it out.

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I'm on Excalibur so ill add anyone thats from there when i get the chance, my character name is Maneki Kanji

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So i live in the UK and just discovered there was a anime site that i could sub to to watch a bunch of anime shows on at a decent quality and so on called crunchyroll.

I've seen at least a few notable anime shows such as

Death note,


100 episodes of bleach,

Soul Eater,

Bamboo Blade


and maybe a few more i don;t remember, right now im watching Sword Art Online which seems pretty fun.

The site has allot of new and older stuff and 90% of the stuff is mostly all subbed which is fine, but other than the ones ive mentioned since that's most of the no brainier anime stuff most people know about i don;t know what else to check out once im done with SAO so id love to get any good suggestions so i can get right to the good stuff instead of just guessing my way around. Thanks for anyone helping me out.

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Playstation One was my second but easily a console i spent way more time with playing games like final fantasy, and whatever else i played but don't remember right now, it ended up sucking me in and making spend crazy amounts of time into it and getting really in depth with a bunch of games on it where as i don;t think you could really do with allot of the games i had played on the sega megadrive since they never did tend to get all that complex as games in general other than moving to the right.