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@snide: Looks really cool. I guess I'll delete the GB app after it comes out.
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Stuff I think should be added to paid members:  

  • See the most viewed wiki pages of the day
  • See the top 20 games played instead of the top 10 
  • Adding videos to favorites or to a list in order to watch them later
  • Getting to choose from a poll which game is going to be played on TNT 
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So I woke up this morning and found that all music files and Documents(except one) on my PC are gone I tried using Programs that recovers Deleted files but I couldn't find any of them. So does anyone know what caused that and is there anyway I could recover the files atleast the Documents since some of them were really important ?

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I probably won't get it :(

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 The more I scroll down any page the more lines appear.
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I think she's hot but not the hottest, not even close.

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I keep the funny ones and delete the others.

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Alright, thats a pretty interesting thread.

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You can check here  Link

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@super_machine: Seeing how expensive good Animation colleges are I'll probably end up doing that, but which of courses the FXphd should I buy there's so many of them ?