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Jeez, VinnyVania feels like two lifetimes ago.

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This is just silly. Why Mine craft? Telltale seems like the company that's just jumping at any opportunity to prove that they can use there style on any game/franchise/whatever. So far they've proven themselves right, but it just makes me feel like their next misstep will inevitably be around the corner. I don't know why they're trying to prove anything, I'd rather see them place their resources in one stack in a project that contains elements in what they know best and just do that really really well. I no longer know what Telltale is anymore. What's next Telltale's EVE Online?

How can you not know what Telltale is? They haven't changed at all since The Walking Dead. Telltale makes narrative focused games with dialogue and decision-making as their main mechanics. And that is a fantastic formula (if you're into these sorts of games) in which most fictional universes would fit in. That's what their take on Minecraft will be and that would be their take on EVE as well, a pretty promising one if you ask me.

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I think the way he looks and his shirt is way more of a nod to Nathan Drake, but made nerdy and useless.

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I think Her was pretty spot on.

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Yeah, sure, Capcom!

(Pretty excited anyway)

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@drflapjack: They work on multiple projects at once, so I'm sure he was talking about the team working on Broken Age, and not Double Fine as a whole.

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That is exactly what happened to me. I mean, except for the trying again an succeeding part! Congrats!

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@tesla said:

I can't help but think that this story and the reaction to it would be much different if Gabe Newell was a woman.

Yeah, there would be a lot of angry people saying how Valve and Gabe (Gabrielle?) were overreacting over a joke and that they should actullay really die over how stupid they were.

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I played MGS2 for the first time when the HD Collection came out, and had the most trouble with that army of RAYs.

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Wow, I just sat down with it for a couple hours and I am honestly almost lost for words. Yes, it runs silky smooth on my modest PC, yes it's one of the best-looking games in history.

Technical achievements aside, so far it seems rich in almost every respect. What happened within the first half hour, when I stumbled on some optional doodad tucked away out in the world was so significant, so unique and well-executed in itself, that at the time I was sort of bummed out that a lot of people wouldn't see it. Yet, moments equally significant seem to punctuate the absurdly beautiful environment, you just have to find them and figure them out. Those moments are the core game, and they can charm you with a clever puzzle or switch it up and scare the shit out of you. The journey along that spectrum is surreal, and the diverse and varied environments go a long way to keep things fresh. To say much more would be a disservice, because the surprise was part of what I enjoyed.

I remember Matt from Two Best Friends Play referenced Murdered: Soul Suspect when the trailer for this showed at E3. Seemed like a fair comparison on that conceptual level. In retrospect it's pretty hilarious how poor a comparison that is...

Goddamn, you just sold me this game.