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I can't be the only one that thought MvC3 when I saw that trailer. I'm into fighters and MK9 though I wasn't all in (it had serious issues for competitive play) I felt it afford a lot of cool fan fare. I like how the attacks they do makes sense. Harley Quinn with her guns, Superman punching someone into space, being thrown through a building. More fan fare.. Hope it doesn't play like MK9..

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I find it amazing how many people are actually suspect of the guy suing gamestop when historically they have shady things. Selling pre-opened games as new, The On-Live situation when Dues Ex, not informing players of DLC, shit I remember seeing a GameStop in Camp Pendalton that was selling a Nerf N-Strike as a Wii-Remote gun attachment, to name a few. How gamestop continues to thrive is amazing to me, but that's what happens when you corner a market.. Should interesting how this affects them

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@Lazyaza: How exactly? Because one group of people had to pay and because it was so successful they are able to give to everyone away for free? Imagine the assholes who are against this.. I"m almost certain they tons of times touting the superiority of TF2. Here is  a chance for the community to grow, to convince others of this "superiority" at no risk and people develop bullshit like this? It's elitism, and just plain discrimination. So now I can't play on your server because you bought your game before me? This stuff isn't new. 
I tried to get into DOTA and posted some obvious scrub stuff and was eviscerated for it. Calling me all kinds of names, telling me not to even bother because the game is too complex for my simple mind.. 
Soon after that I reignited my love affair with fighting games with SF4, and went to, a site I knew of for years, and when I tried to setup matches I was just ridiculed. So bad that even a Mod gave me a warning on my account for asking such "stupid questions". It was so bad that the owner put out word that people caught doing this would be banned, and mods abusing power were being closely looked at.  
No one ever says "Ooh this taste so good, fuck off and buy one if you want to know." We share as humans but with the internet allowing this anonymousness, it lets people be as racist, sexist, elitist, and as prejudice as they want to be because, who really knows Deathcaller1777 is Terry from accounting. The community has exploded and we can see updates for this game for another 5 YEARS EASY!  There is NO justification for banning someone who got the game for free and using the HACKER excuse is just as dumb, according to gamers, as gaming companies putting DRM on PC games. Even that last sentence just a broad brush. 
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Isn't discrimination cute?

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I would much rather have a choice of 1 game of my choice. any game would be fine.. rather than 2 from 5..

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@thehuntsmen5434: The point of the article is don't just say "It's BROKEN!" The game hasn't even been out for 2 weeks and people haven't explored the get arounds, strategies, etc that come with ANY fighting game. It's just "Damn Sent does tons of DMG, Oh No Xfactor, I'm dead now. THIS SUCKS! THIS GAME SUCKS!" Think of the logic of the average gamer. They want fantasy with a sense of realism. OK Here's a GIANT ROBOT that HUNTS MUTANTS. There's the fantasy.. Then all of a sudden they are surprised when it hits like a TRUCK!  There's the realism. O.o MvC2 had infinite loops, that were used in tournament so they were practical to learn and use. I don't remember the person's name but there was a tournament player playing MvC2 with a moded controller than allowed him to do 1 button triangle jumps AND IT WAS ALLOWED! No one complained, some people thought it was cheap but they worked around it. This was some tournament in Ohio (remember where Tokido posed in front of the projector).
I didn't play ANY online matches till last night and as expected there were a lot of people using Sentinal, for example, because of his ease of use. My team so far has been Spencer, Spider-man and Dormamu. Because of the stuff I've learned watching videos, playing with my buddy every day who is also learning. Granted it's online and we all know the weight that it holds but they were free. Last night I hosted my 1st Fight night as well and tons of people used Sent, I only won 1 match but I beat almost just about every Sentinel that was used, not won that match but was able to deal with people like Sent, Arthur, Dormammu, MODOK where people are inclined to just zone you out, and try to chip you out. Just because the game doesn't act like a previous iteration doesn't make it bad, it makes it a DIFFERENT game. If the game is truly OPed and broken then guess what, no one will play it outside from those few who like weird fighting games like Jackie Chan.. The game hasn't even been scratched yet, so anyone who says that it's broken are the same who said that Sagat, E.Honda, Yun, Yang are TOO OP. Sit back, learn and deal.. Otherwise you're gonna get frustrated with ANY game that doesn't give you the instant gratification that you want.
This is definitely something I see as generational thing. Fighting games are back on the scene in a big big way but with most of the games out now having "team play", which is great, getting your ass handed to you in a fighting is a different feeling than losing in, let say, call of duty. You can be the suckiest person on a good team and still win with little to no partcipation of you if you felt like it. In a fighting game, you lose it's because you fucked up.. Period.. Can't blame a buddy for not warning you, or not covering your back, etc. It was just you... That's the point. The only way any fighting game can TRULY ever be balanced is if it had 1 character.. Same moves, same health, same everything. There's your balance..   The dude is far from misguided, problem most people know it's true and don't want to deal with it. Sorry kids, Practice makes for perfects..
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   GG Everyone! Last night was fun. A good time had by all and I learned tons. Also glad everyone liked the Tritip. (tried out a new rub) Shit was great! We definitely gonna do this again next week. I'll set up a day but Thursday. That seemed to work for everyone. Thanks for coming out, we'll do it again..   

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Good for you I'm a great big fat person

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  Well I've been looking for people to play with in my Area, and it's usually involves me having to go to LA, OC, etc. which is fun but I'm always down to play. So I figured I'd reach out to anyone in the Vista/Oceanside (California) area see if anyone would be down to do meet up at my place. Have PS3 and XBOX36 versions of SSFIV and just PS3 Version of MVC3 (X360 next week). My buddy and I are meeting up tonight for some matches with a few others just coming by the house, nothing serious but we would like other like minded players stopping by.

I know it's last minute but if you are in the area tonight and want to play with some people lets get it started send me an msg or email and I'll hit you up with info. I know it's short notice but this is something that just came together last minute. Anyway I'm babbling, reply if you are down to come. If all goes well, we'll make this a regular thing..

Start time is 7PM PST (again I know this is last minute but this will become a regular thing)


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